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Tammy Bradshaw: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Marriage, Children & More

Discover Tammy Bradshaw’s height and estimated weight, marital status, net worth, and family life. Get in touch with her through Very Celeb!

Tammy Bradshaw’s Backstory📖

Tammy Bradshaw was born Tameria Alice, on October 5, 1961, but her place of birth has never been disclosed as she keeps her private life out of the limelight.

Known for being a popular member of the Real Housewives franchise, she has a famous hubby, too – the former quarterback Terry Bradshaw, whom she met a year after splitting from her first husband, David Luttrull. The couple live an envious life in rural Oklahoma, and their reality show, The Bradshaw Bunch, allows fans a glimpse into  Hollywood glamor away from Hollywood!

Tammy and Terry – this could get confusing 😂😂, are much admired for their philanthropic pursuits, often donating to good causes, including Chris Long’s Waterboys initiative. Aiming to fund the construction of wells and other safe water sources in drought-affected Africa, many sportspeople and enthusiasts support this fantastic cause.

Although her life might look perfect, the former model has suffered more than her fair share of heartache. Describing their family as blended, the couple brought their kids together when they met, and between them have three stunning daughters – Terry’s girls 33 years old Rachel, and Erin, 31, and Tammy’s Lacey who’s the eldest at 36. However,  Tammy and her first husband, David had a son together, known as Cody, who tragically lost his life to an accidental drugs overdose in 2009, aged just 24.

His obituary reads: “He will be greatly missed and remembered fondly by his family and many friends for his big heart, great sense of humor, and recent excitement over his new job as a train dispatcher with the railroad.”


Tammy Bradshaw Photo Gallery​📸

How much does Tammy Bradshaw weigh? How tall is she?🤷

Tammy Bradshaw is 5 feet 7 inches tall, but we can’t tell you her weight – it’s a secret! However, we estimate she’s around 120 lbs. Don’t worry, Tammy, we won’t tell anyone!

Is Tammy Bradshaw single or married?💏🏻

Tammy Bradshaw was previously married to David Luttrull, but they split in 1998 (we still don’t know why!). She’s now happily married to Terry Bradshaw, a former NFL star player. They got hitched in 2014 after being together for over a decade. Tammy is Terry’s fourth wife – he must have a thing for blondes!

What is the estimated current net worth of Tammy Bradshaw?💷

Tammy Bradshaw’s net worth is a mystery, but we’re pretty sure she’s loaded. With her international modeling career and numerous TV appearances, she’s definitely raking in the dough. Tammy, can we borrow a few bucks?


Does Tammy Bradshaw have any children?👶

Tammy Bradshaw has a daughter named Lacey and was also a proud mom to a son who sadly passed away in 2009. She’s also a fantastic stepmom to Terry’s daughters Erin and Rachel. The girls love Tammy so much that they say their dad would “literally lose his mind” without her. Aww, that’s sweet!

Tammy’s stepdaughter, Erin, with her father Terry🥰

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