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Tiger Wood’s Ex-Wife: Elin Nordegen’s Net Worth, Height & More!

Tiger Wood’s ex-wife Elin Nordregen: Her new relationship, children, divorce from Tiger Woods and much more!

Elin Nordegren Background Info

Elin Nordegren is the former wife of one of the most famous African-American athletes – Tiger Woods, a golfing champion and sports multi-millionaire. For a time, Tiger was winning grand slam golfing tournaments left and right; however, many sports pundits claim after Tiger admitted to committing infidelity that led to his divorce with Elin, his career took a downward turn.

Tiger met Elin through another Swedish woman just like Elin, Mia Parnevik. She is the wife of another golfer, Jesper Parnevik. At that time, Elin had no intention of dating Tiger since she had a boyfriend herself and was quite content with her life. However, Tiger was so persistent to get to know her that she eventually relented. From then on, the two would date and get married.

Professionally, Elin worked as a nanny and later on as a model. This beautiful Swedish woman has had many ups and downs in her life. After her marriage with Tiger that saw her face years of despair from his infidelity, Elin eventually moved on. She has had a number of relationships with famous people, including the late businessman Chris Cline.


Celebrity Name

Tiger Woods’s ex-wife’s name is Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren.

Elin Nordegren graduated and she is top of their class

What is Elin Nordegren’s age?

Elin Nordegren is born on January 1, 1980. She is now 43 years old.

How tall is Elin Nordegren and how much does she weigh?

She stands a shade under 6 feet at 5 feet 11 inches. She weighs around 143 pounds.

How many kids does Elin Nordegren have?

Elin has two children with Tiger. The first was a daughter who was born in 2007. Her name is Sam Alexis Woods. In 2009, prior to the divorce, they had their second child, a son, Axel Woods. In October 2019, Elin had a baby with her new partner, Jordan Cameron. They have recently changed his name from Filip to Arthur Nordegren Cameron.

Elin Nordegren’s ex-husband and their children



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Where is Tiger Woods’s ex-wife?

There have been reports that show photographs of Elin watching games and supporting her son Axel play sports. Currently, Elin lives in Florida where she and her kids stay in a lovely estate.


Is Elin Nordegren still married to Tiger Woods?

Elin Nordegren used to be married to the future golf hall of fame Tiger Woods. The pair’s wedding was quite memorable as they shared vows by the 19th hole of a golf course in a resort in Barbados. The celebrations for the wedding were week-long and cost Woods $2 million. Unfortunately, after years of marriage, Tiger would confess to allegations of infidelity that later on led him to divorce with Elin in 2010.

How much is Tiger Woods worth?

From court settlements and properties she had from her marriage with Tiger, sources claim that Elin has a net worth of $200 million.

Where does Elin Nordregen come from?

On January 1, 1980,  Elin was born in the capital city of Stockholm in Sweden. She is Swedish.

Elin Nordregen Photo Gallery

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