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Tommy Lee – His Full Bio

Find out everything that you have ever wanted to know about the Motley Crue drummer and founder, Tommy Lee: His Net Worth, Marriages and More

Who Is Tommy Lee? Tommy Lee Overview

Thomas Lee Bass, also known as Tommy Lee, is an American musician. He is the founder of rock band Motley Crue and their energetic drummer. His remarkable musical skills and experience led him to create another band called Methods of Mayhem.

In addition to playing with these bands, Tommy Lee has a few more solo musical projects. His love for music, specifically for playing drums, started at the young age of 4. He had his first drumsticks at that age and his first drum kit as a teenager.

He opted to drop out of school to pursue his music career. He first joined a band called Suite 19 in LA. His musical influences were Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Kiss. When it comes to drumming, he looked up to Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen, and Terry Bozzio.

Progressing with  Motley Crue, their debut album, released in 1981, was a huge hit. They built a strong fanbase and were signed by Elektra Records a year after. They had a string of hits over the next few years and became one of the best hard rock and metal bands during the 1980s. Tommy Lee was renowned for his on-stage theatrics.

Just recently, Tommy Lee has hit the headlines again with an open letter to POTUS explaining in no uncertain terms, his opinion on various topics.


How Old Is Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee is currently 59 years old. He was born on October 3, 1962, making him a Libran

How Tall Is Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee is 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

What Nationality is Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee is of American nationality.

How Much Does He Weigh?

Tommy Lee weighs 78 kg (172 lbs).

What Is Tommy Lee’s Net Worth?

As of 2019, Tommy Lee has an estimated net worth of $70 Million.


What Is Tommy Lee Most Famous For?

Tommy Lee is famous for his drumming antics, and for the numerous hits he had with his band.

Is Tommy Lee Married or Single?

He is currently married to his fourth wife.

Who Is Tommy Lee’s Spouse?

Tommy Lee is currently married to Brittany Furlan. They tied the knot in February 2019. He was previously married to Elaine Starchuk (1984-1985), Heather Locklear (1986-1993), and Pamela Anderson (1995-1998).

Does Tommy Lee Have Children?

Yes. Tommy Lee has two sons – Brandon and Dylan.

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