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Agnes Hailstone – Her Life Below Zero

Everything that you need to know about the Alaskan reality TV star, Agnes Hailstone: Her Husband’s Arrest, Her Net Worth, Children and More!

Chip Hailstone’s Wife

Agnes Hailstone was born on June 14, 1972, in Noorvik, Alaska. Spending her whole life in this unforgiving, but beautiful place, she is more than qualified to pass on her native Inupiaq survival skills. For generations, her family have been tied to this untamed land, living a successful existence, despite the harsh conditions.

She is famous for starring in the reality television show Life Below Zero, along with her husband Chip Hailstone, Glenn Villeneuve, and his family. The reality show features the lives and daily activities of subsistence hunters living in the remote areas of Alaska and is produced by BBC and aired on the National Geographic Channel.

In 2018, her husband Chip was convicted for providing false information to police officers — he claimed that an Alaska State Trooper assaulted their daughter Tinmiaq. Sentenced to 15 months in jail, he had already served three years on probation for pointing a gun at an officer.

A fan tweeted about Agnes saying she is the coolest woman for hunting, fishing, building homes, making clothes, and raising seven children, essentially taking over the homestead while Chip was incarcerated.  Raising a family and living a sustainable life in these harsh conditions takes some doing!

Chip and Agnes in Kiwalik, Alaska:


What is Agnes Hailstone’s nationality?

Agnes Hailstone is an American. Her heritage is Native Alaskan, an Inupiaq born in Noorvik, she’s justifiably proud of her family’s history.

Take a closer look into the Hailstone camp in Alaska:

How old is Agnes Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone is now 50 years old. She is a Gemini.

Is Agnes Hailstone married to Chip Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone’s first marriage happened when she was just 19 years old. Her second husband is Chip Hailstone who was born Edward V Hailstone. The couple appears in the reality show Life Below Zero, and were married around 1992.

What is Agnes Hailstone worth?

Agnes Hailstone has a net worth of more than $100,000 which she earned from starring in the reality television show Life Below Zero.

How did Chip and Agnes Hailstone meet?

Agnes and Chip Hailstone met when Chip visited Noorvik, Alaska when he was 19 years old. After some years, he decided to settle there and marry Agnes.


How many children does Agnes Hailstone have?

Agnes Hailstone has two sons, Douglas J Carter and John Carter from her first marriage. She and her current husband Chip Hailstone have five daughters, Qutan, Caroline, Mary, Iriqtaq, and Tinmiaq.

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