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Alexandre De Meyer: The Talented Designer – What Inspires Him?

Your questions answered about his inspiration, artwork and latest projects

Who is Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre De Meyer is a graphic and design artist at heart. With his talents and abilities for designing, he has made a name for himself and has gone on to work on many well-known projects, including the Michelin Museum in France. His fame increased with his marriage with American Pickers star Danielle Colby. Danielle is famous for touring the world in search of antiques and collectibles and has even gone to countries like the Philippines to attend antique conventions. Similarly, Alexandre has traveled to France and around the United States in his passion for designing shirts, postcards, posters, and other works of art. Sadly, the couple’s marriage did not last long, and they are now divorced. Alexandre was able to design the logo for Danielle’s retro clothing boutique shop Miles 2 Memphis. Currently, Alexandre works for a screen print workshop called Going Blind.


What else do we know about Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre started his career as a graphic artist. After years of mastering his craft, he directed his efforts to start his own print shop. His print shop is located in Chicago Illinois where Alexandre has lived much of his life and conducted most of his business. His works include T-shirts, postcards, posters, and other beautiful artworks.

With his ability to use the Internet as a platform to showcase his works, his design business became more popular as he shares videos on design and design techniques. Alexandre earns more fame as he made the blueprints for the Michelin Museum in France. This would lead him to other design deals.

What is Alexandre De Meyer’s nationality?

Alexandre is French, although there has been news that he now owns a green card and is currently based in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. In a social media post, Danielle celebrated her ex-husband’s green card acquisition with a photo of them together.

How tall is Alexandre De Meyer and how much does he weigh?

Alexandre’s estimated height is around 5 feet 11 inches, and his weight ranges between 170 to 180 pounds.

Is Alexandre De Meyer still married?

Alexandre used to be married to Danielle Colby. After their divorce, Alexandre is again a bachelor.

How much is Alexandre De Meyer worth?

With his many graphic and print design endeavors, Alexandre’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This includes proceeds from his blueprint designs for famous landmarks such as the Michelin Museum in France.


How many kids does Alexandre De Meyer have?

Alexandre has helped to care for Danielle’s two children from her previous marriage.

How old is Alexandre De Meyer?

Alexandre de Meyer is currently 30 years old.

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