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Alicia Keys’ Parents: Divorced at 2, Raised by Strong Mom

Discover who Alicia Keys’ parents are and how they influenced her life. Know about her relationship with her mother and father in this article.

Who Spawned Alicia Keys?

Alicia Augello Cook, better known as Alicia Keys, the 15-time Grammy Award winner, was birthed on January 25, 1981, to Terria Joseph or Terria Augello and Craig Cook.

Her folks decided to call it quits when she was a mere 2-year-old. During her formative years in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, she was raised solo by her mother. In an interview, Alicia stated that she admired her mom as a strong woman and that her father was MIA.

This changed only recently when her paternal grandma became ill in 2006. As she saw how caring her dad was, she decided to let bygones be bygones and gave him a second chance. At present, the two are maintaining a friendly relationship with each other.


What nationality are Alicia Key’s parents?

Terria Augello was born in Detroit, Michigan. She is of Italian ancestry with a little Irish or Scottish in her roots. Meanwhile, Craig Cook is of Jamaican descent.

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When were Alicia Key’s parents born?

Terria Augello is 73 years old. There have been no reports of Craig Cook’s birthday or current age.

What are the jobs of Alicia Key’s parents?

Since her 1971 graduation from New York’s School of Arts, Terri has been a stage performer and actress. She has starred in over 70 movies including Police Story (1973), The Glitter Dome (1984), The Big Bad Swim (2006), and Cornerstone (2014) during her decades in the movie industry. Her stage name is Terria Joseph.

Craig Cook was a flight steward, and then trained as a masseur. Craig now lives in Colorado and works at the University of Colorado Boulder.

How much is the net worth of Alicia Key’s parents?

Terria Joseph has an estimated net worth of 7 million USD as of 2020. By profession, she is an American actress and a paralegal.

There have been no reports as to Craig’s net worth.

Did Alicia Key’s parents get divorced?

Terria Augello and Craig Cook got divorced in 1983.


Do Terria and Craig Cook have other children?

Terria doesn’t have any other children besides Alicia. Craig has two sons, Cole Cook and Clay Branch. Cole Cook is a theater major and currently a social media influencer. He was recently in a relationship rumor with Emma Watson as they were seen eating dinner together. Clay Branch is the son of Craig’s current wife, Marsha Cook, from her previous marriage with Milton Branch.

Terria Joseph with her daughter, Alicia Keys

Terri Augello and Craig Cook Photo Gallery

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Do you want to get in contact with Alicia Keys and her mom?

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