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Who Are Madison Keys’ Parents?

Everything that you ever wanted to know about the parents of the professional tennis player Madison Keys, Ray and Christine Keys: Their Selfless Sacrifices

Who are Madison Keys’ parents?

American professional tennis player, Madison Keys, was born to Rick and Christine Keys.

Rick is a former Division II All-American college basketball player for Augustana College. Both are in the business of law. Madison is known to be of mixed ethnicity because her father is black and her mother is white. But she neither classifies herself as White or African American.


What nationality are Rick and Christine Keys?

Both the mother and father of Madison Keys are of American nationality.

How old are Rick and Christine Keys?

The age of both Rick and Christine is not made public and therefore unknown.

What do Rick and Christine do for a living?

Rick and Christine Keys are both attorneys by profession. Her mother has already retired from practice but her father is still currently working as an attorney.

Her father had to stay behind in Rock Island while her mother, Christine, moved with her to Florida so she could pursue her career in tennis. Rick is a partner at the Keys Law Offices and specializes in criminal defense and personal injury claims.

What are Rick and Christine Keys’ net worth?

The details about Madison Keys’ parents are not made public and therefore unknown. Madison Keys, on the other hand, has a net worth of $8 Million.

Are Rick and Christine Keys together or divorced?

Madison Keys’ parents, Rick and Christine, are still together.


Do Rick and Christine Keys have other children?

Yes. Rick and Christine have four daughters. Sydney is older than Madison, and she has two other younger sisters – Montana and Hunter. Only Madison plays tennis out of the four of them.

What else do we know about Rick and Christine Keys?

Her parents had sacrificed a lot in order to allow Madison to pursue her tennis dream. For one, her mother Christine gave up her career as an attorney to be with her in Florida. She got the opportunity to train at Evert Academy.

Also, Madison is not the only athlete in the family. Her father, Rick, was also a basketball player in the NCAA during his college years at Augustana College.

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