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The True Story of Alysa Liu’s Parents – We Tell All!

The real story of the parents of the figure skater, Alysa Liu. Her Father Arthur Liu: His near-miss with death and subsequent escape from China, and making it big in the Land of the Free!

Arthur Liu overview – Alysa Liu’s father

Arthur Liu is the father of world-renowned 14-year-old figure skater, Alysa Liu. As well as Alysa, who is a back-to-back US lady figure skating champion, he is also a single father of a 10-year-old girl and 9-year-old triplets. All of his children were conceived thanks to two surrogate mothers and egg donors.

Arthur, an attorney, is from a small village in the Sichuan Province, China, arriving in the US in 1989, aged 25. He left China soon after the unrest that led to the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Because Arthur has to balance work and family commitments, he’s obviously a very busy man, especially when you add Alysa’s packed schedule into the mix.

Arthur wakes up at 4:30 every morning and cleans their 3-bedroom house, before turning his hand to the laundry chores. Preparing breakfast, and snacks for his children follows, then it’s the school run. For the next three hours, he’s with Alysa at the rink, before taking her to his office, where he practices law and she studies her school books.

Alysa is homeschooled at the California Connections Academy, the same online program utilized by skaters Karen Chen and Vincent Zhou. In the afternoon, he takes Alysa for another training session at the rink. Considering the fact Alysa Liu is a back-to-back US lady champion and was placed second in the 2021 U.S. Championships, he is clearly doing a great job!

There aren’t any records of Arthur being married – but then, when would he find the time?

Alysa Liu is the first woman to attempt a quadruple jump:

Here’s the young superstar with Jimmy Fallon:


What nationality is Arthur Liu?

Arthur has taken American nationality, but is originally from a small village in the Sichuan Province, China, and came to the US in 1989.

What is Arthur Liu’s age?

Arthur is 57 years old.

What is Arthur Liu’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Arthur Liu is not known. However, being an attorney, we assume he’s well off. Arthur’s daughter Alysa’s net worth also hasn’t been revealed to the public.

Alysa Liu looking fabulous out on the ice

Who is Arthur Liu’s wife?

Arthur is single. He has 5 kids through anonymous egg donors and surrogate mothers. Yan Qingxin was his wife when the children were born and the kids call her mom, but the couple were divorced in the following years.

What does Arthur Liu do for a living?

Arthur Liu works as an attorney who immigrated from Sichuan Province, China to the United States.

Alysa Liu with her best friend Juliana


Arthur Liu Photo Gallery

Has this article left you wanting more?

If you’re looking for more info on Alysa Liu, or maybe even a way to get in touch with her dad Arthur Liu, ask us here and we will look through our archives to get you the answers.


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