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50+ Quotes by The Weeknd

The Weeknd whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye hails from Canada. His story as a world-famous musician began with a simple video recording of the song Do It that he uploaded on YouTube way back in 2009. A couple of years later, along with two other partners, The Weeknd started his own recording label. According to him, the idea of naming himself “The Weeknd” was borne from having to leave everything he had known one weekend and never coming back. Due to his sheer talent, The Weeknd would be followed by millions across the globe. The songs that he would turn into overnight hits include Save Your Tears, Blinding Lights, You Right, and The Hills, to name a few. Also, The Weeknd has over 70 million monthly listeners in Spotify alone!

The Weeknd has also sold close to 78 million records, and growing!  To top all of these successes, The Weeknd has 3 Grammys, 19 Billboard Music Awards, 15 Juno Awards, and 5 American Awards. It is said that what makes the artist special and unique is the soaring falsetto combined with a singular tremolo that both soothe the ears while evoking emotions among his listeners. With such unique talent and personality, the great Elton John himself put him in the list of 100 Most Influential People in Time in 2020. Let us find out more about this special singer and celebrity, The Weeknd, through the 50+ quotes we bring you.

1. “Happiness exists when you don’t know a thing.” – The Weeknd
2. “Got up, thank the Lord for the day. Woke up by a girl, I don’t even know her name” – The Weeknd, “Party Monster”
3. “If it hurts to breathe, open a window.” – The Weeknd, “House of Balloons”
4. “When I was born, that was the music my mother was listening to. Michael Jackson is a third parent to me.” – The Weeknd
5. “We’ll find our love in the sky.” – The Weeknd, “Love in the Sky”
6. “Music is like film to me.” – The Weeknd
7. “You’re gonna hate him, then you’ll want me, then you’ll miss him, then you’ll hate me.” – The Weeknd, “Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)”
8. “I didn’t have a father figure in the house.” – The Weeknd
9. “We’re all insecure, aren’t we?” – The Weeknd
10. “In the beginning, I was very insecure. I hated how I looked in pictures.” – The Weeknd
11. “I’m the most boring person to talk to.” – The Weeknd
12. “And I’ma lean, till I fall.” – The Weeknd, “The Zone”
13. “I make good music for long journeys.” – The Weeknd
14. “Environment is very important to me. Sometimes I have to perform during the day for festivals, and my music does not work in the daytime. It is nighttime music.” – The Weeknd
15. “Me not finishing school – in my head, I still have this insecurity when I’m talking to someone educated.” – The Weeknd
16. “The last thing you want is to not be recognized for all of the hard work you put in.” – The Weeknd
17. “My purpose is to make exciting music, and I feel like I’ll be doing that for the rest of my life, so there’s no pressure.” – The Weeknd
18. “Tell me you love me, even though you don’t love me.” – The Weeknd, “Wicked Games”
19. “Nothing feels better than going on stage and everybody is singing every word – and actually wanting to see you.” – The Weeknd
20. “I think that’s why my career is going to be so long: Because I haven’t given people everything.” – The Weeknd
21. “The Joker is my favorite villain of all time: You don’t know his past; you just know what his plans are.” – The Weeknd
22. “When I’m faded I forget, I forget what you mean to me. I hope you know what you mean to me.” – The Weeknd, “Coming Down”
23. ”Don’t show the world how alone you’ve become.” – The Weeknd, “Tears in the Rain”
24. “I always use Michael as, first and foremost, a vocal inspiration, and ‘Off the Wall’ was definitely the one that made me feel like I could sing.” – The Weeknd
25. “When people meet me, they say that I’m really kind – contrary to a lot of my music.” – The Weeknd
26. “I couldn’t ever go back home without being something. I probably would never have gone back home. That was definitely a big motivation. To get back home, and not empty-handed.” – The Weeknd
27. “I just kept touring and touring until it became second nature to go on stage, perform, and sing.” – The Weeknd
28. ”Heaven only lets a few in. It’s too late for me to choose it.” – The Weeknd, “Real Life”
29. “For an Ethiopian mother, if you have a chubby kid, it means you’re doing something good.” – The Weeknd
30. “I mean, in life, what relationship is easy?” – The Weeknd
31. “I’m the drug in your veins, just fight through the pain.” – The Weeknd, “What You Need”
32. “I’m always getting high ‘cause my confidence low” – The Weeknd, “Love in the Sky”
33. “Once you’ve changed who you are or who you’ve portrayed in your music, the fans, they’ll catch it…Once I feel like the world knows me for anything else but my music, then I feel like I failed.” – The Weeknd
34. “Nothing is stopping me from doing what I love to do.” – The Weeknd
35. “I wish I could make music about politics. I feel like it’s such an art and a talent that I admire tremendously, but when I step into the studio, I step out of the real world, and it’s therapeutic.” – The Weeknd
36. “I like to create characters based on different people I’ve met, and relationships. I like to tell stories loosely based on real-life events.” – The Weeknd
37. “I only love it when you touch me, not feel me. When I’m f*cked up, that’s the real me.” – The Weeknd, “The Hills”
38. “I usually don’t like to ‘spoon feed’ my audience, because I grew up idolizing storytellers who tell stories using symbolism, so it was in my nature to do the same.” – The Weeknd
39. “I ain’t scared of the fall. I’ve felt the ground before.” – The Weeknd, “The Fall”
40. “The mind of a 19-year-old is very different from the mind of a 26-year-old. You grow. You get into better relationships. You experience more, meet more people, better people. But when you’re in a dark hole at an earlier point in your life – you write about the mindset you’re in at that moment.” – The Weeknd
41. “I’m all about evolution. I’m the first person to judge myself.” – The Weeknd
42. “Once you learn to hit, teach yourself to never miss again.” – The Weeknd
43. “He’s what you want. I’m what you need.” – The Weeknd, “What You Need”
44. “My closet is like Bart Simpson’s.” – The Weeknd
45. “I just want to keep pushing the envelope without it feeling forced.” – The Weeknd
46. “My god white, he in my pocket. He get me redder than the devil ’til I go nauseous” – The Weeknd, “Often”
47. “The only girls that we f*ck with seem to have 20 different pills in ’em.” – The Weeknd, “Loft Music”
48. ”Don’t make me make you fall in love.” – The Weeknd, “The Birds (Part 1)”
49. “I never put a face to my music, which actually made the music that much more mysterious.” – The Weeknd
50. “Going to a therapist is not something you do when you’re growing up as a street kid in Toronto.” – The Weeknd
51. “When you’re traveling constantly, every day you become inspired, and it shows in my work, sonically, lyrically, visually.” – The Weeknd
52. “I want to be remembered as iconic and different.” – The Weeknd
53. “When I was making the early stuff, I never expected it to be so big. I was in my own kind of bubble. I never wanted to tour; I just wanted to create music and make a diary I could put out into the world. And sometimes, I became the characters.” – The Weeknd
54. “You don’t have to waste your energy.” – The Weeknd, “Rockin’”
55. “From when I was born to when I was 21, I never left Toronto. That’s why I’m such a city cat.” – The Weeknd

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