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Everything You’ve Been Wondering About Beth Dillon: Bio, Age, Marital Status, Boyfriend, Weight and More!

Beth Dillon & Paul Teutul – Married & Divorced

Beth Dillon’s fame and fortune could be attributed to two things –  her marriage and divorce with Orange County Choppers proprietor, Paul Teutul, Sr. Orange County Choppers is not only a famous custom-motorcycle shop, but it also provided the basis for the American reality TV series American Chopper. Remaining true to the American dream of making a customized motorcycle, the television show covers the same trade that Paul Teutul, Sr. became famous for. Together with his son Paul Teutul, Jr., they would take orders from clients and customize motorcycles for them. The show was a huge success while it was aired on the Discovery Channel from 2003 to 2010. While the father-and-son tandem were clearly the stars of the show, Beth Dillon would appear and become a regular cast member, providing more spark and energy in the show.

Born in California, Beth Dillon was already in a failed marriage prior to her meeting Paul Teutul, Sr.  After her first marriage ended, she found Paul, and they eventually got married in 2007. The couple has been described as eccentric – Paul is known as an adventurous thrill-seeker considering he works with and drives custom bicycles. The same is true for Beth Dillon with her happy and free spirit.


Paul Teutul in his shop


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In spite of her success and fame, there is little information about Beth, other than her social media accounts. At the time of her marriage, which lasted a good 8 years, from 2007 to 2015, she had many pictures of them beaming and happy together. She gained thousands of followers on social media; however, after getting divorced, Beth Dillon had mum duties and took down her social media accounts.

What happened to Beth Dillon?

In 2015, Beth and Paul’s marriage ended in a divorce. A couple of years later, not too much information can be found about Beth.

Who is the mother of Beth Dillon on Gunsmoke?

There is another Beth Dillon – the daughter of the fictional character, Matt Dillon, in the famous TV show Gunsmoke during the 70s. It is a coincidence, therefore, that Beth Ann Santos married a person whose surname ends with Dillon, thus giving Beth Ann Santos the namesake that Matt Dillon’s character had as a daughter in Gunsmoke.

What’s Beth Dillon’s nationality?

Although her maiden name sounds Spanish – Beth Ann Santos, Beth was born and raised in California, making her American.

Did Beth Dillon remarry?

Beth has had two marriages that both ended in a divorce. The first marriage with Burton Dillon lasted for 15 years. The second one with Paul Teutul, Sr. lasted for 8 years. She is not currently married.

How many kids does Beth Dillon have?

With her first husband, Burton Dillon, she had two children. In her marriage with Paul, she had none. She did, however, welcome Paul’s children as her own as she would be well identified as the stepmother of the four.


How much is Beth Dillon’s net worth?

Although Beth never disclosed information about her earnings and net worth, from her appearances in the show and revenue made from her marriage, it is assumed that Beth has a net worth of less than a million dollars.

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