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Molly Rosenblatt: Husband, Children, Whereabouts & Contact Info

Discover if Molly Rosenblatt has a husband and children. Learn where she is now and how to contact her. Find out more here.

Molly Rosenblatt’s Career As Weather Reporter☁️

Fox News has had its share of beautiful faces and amazing talent. However, for its weather news, none could be said was more talented and beautiful than Molly Rosenblatt. Born in 1989, Her exact birthdate is unknown but she is about 35 years old.

A former weather forecaster for WOFL Fox, Molly is an accomplished journalist. She acquired her degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. From her glory days in Fox’s Good Morning Orlando and Traffic Anchor for Good Day Orlando in Fox 35 when she began gaining fame, she eventually decided to give up this role to go and give back for a similar news job at her hometown in Minneapolis.

Molly Rosenblatt graduated from the said University of Minnesota in 2005. She first worked as an editor and eventually a reporter for KRTV in Montana and then KTSM in El Paso. After leaving the job in KTSM in 2008, she finally worked her way still as an editor and reporter for WGNO, a Fox News affiliate. These experiences paved the way for her job as main weather and traffic anchor for Fox 35 Orlando.

Interestingly enough, she has also tried her abilities in the big screen as she has had acting stints in a couple of acclaimed films such as The Mechanic and The Last Day of Joseph Goebells. Although Molly has kept her personal at bay by not revealing too much about her life off-screen, people who follow her social media account in Instagram do know that she has been married to a certain Herman Geller who has been reported to be working in the academe as a professor. The couple has been known to be dating around 2017. To date, she has more than 10,000 followers on Facebook, 6,000 on Twitter, and close to 4,000 on Instagram.

Molly Rosenblatt doing what she does best🥰


Molly Rosenblatt Photo Gallery📸

What happened to Molly Rosenblatt?🤯

Quite recently, many people have noticed her absence from her usual show as evening weather and traffic news reporter for WCCCO, a news network that is based in Minnesota. There have been many speculations regarding her absence. Some say she resigned, while others say she was sacked from the job because of having alleged discipline concerns. Still, due diligence is needed for an honest answer to her disappearance. There are rumors going around that she lost her job due to a conflict with her boss.

Molly Rosenblatt skiing with her dad💜

Is Molly Rosenblatt married?💒

Despite her efforts to keep her personal life private, Molly Rosenblatt has confirmed her marriage to a certain Herman Geller. Sorry, fellas!

Does Molly Rosenblatt have kids?👶

As of now, Molly Rosenblatt does not have any little ones running around. But who knows what the future holds?

Check out Molly Rosenblatt and her hubby, Herman Geller😍

What Happened To Molly Rosenblatt and Where Is The WCCO Meteorologist Now?

How tall is Molly Rosenblatt and what does she weigh?🤨

Molly is around 5 feet 4 inches or 163 centimeters tall. She weighs less than 120 pounds.


Does Molly Rosenblatt have any siblings?❤️

Yes, she has a younger brother named Kalmon.

Molly Rosenblatt with her mom, dad and brother👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Where in the world is Molly Rosenblatt?🤷

Molly Rosenblatt has successfully made her way back to her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, she’s currently on a leave of absence from work and her whereabouts are unknown. Maybe she’s on a top secret mission for the weather gods?

What is Molly Rosenblatt’s net worth?🤑

When she was working for Fox 35, her salary was said to be $182,000 a year. Together with her big-screen stints, even if it has not been confirmed, her net worth is around a million dollars or so.

Latest Tweets From Molly Rosenblatt📲

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How can I get in touch with Molly Rosenblatt?​☎️

If you’re dying to talk to Molly Rosenblatt or just want to learn more about her, hit us up and we’ll do our best to dig up some juicy deets from our archives.


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