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Irene and Steven McFarland: Parents of Fyre Festival Fraudster

Know about Irene and Steven McFarland, real estate developers and parents of Billy McFarland, the infamous Fyre Festival fraudster.

Billy McFarland’s Parents, Irene and Steven McFarland

Meet Irene McFarland, aka Renee Zervakos, and her hubby Steven McFarland. These two are real estate developers living the high life with their fam in Westfield, New Jersey. They’re the proud owners of RS Development Corp, a boutique real estate development company founded in 1988. Thanks to their success, they were able to give their son Billy McFarland every advantage money can buy, including private schools and a highly privileged upbringing.

But despite his fortunate start in life, Billy made a name for himself with his fraudulent ticket scam at the 2017 Fyre Festival. He even pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud in Manhattan’s Federal Court in March 2018. And let’s not forget that American rapper Ja Rule was also standing trial for his part in the scam. Billy was given six years for this and several other counts of fraud. Recently, he was released from six months of solitary confinement for taking part in a podcast. Looks like Billy’s parents’ money couldn’t buy him out of this one!


The original Fyre Festival promo Vid…


…and the far more honest one!


Billy McFarland’s first contact with the public since his incarceration

Who are Billy McFarland’s parents?

Billy McFarland’s parents are Irene McFarland and Steven McFarland.

What are the nationalities of Billy McFarland’s parents?

Billy is a Greek-American which suggests that his parents may be of Greek descent.


How old are Billy McFarland’s parents?

There’s no available information about Billy McFarland’s parents’ birthday or age. In fact, most of their personal details are almost impossible to find.

How tall are Billy McFarland’s parents and how much do they weigh?

Irene McFarland and Steven McFarland’s vital statistical information is not accessible.

Are Billy McFarland’s parents still married?

Yes, Irene McFarland and Steven McFarland are still married and are busy running their real estate development business in New Jersey.

What are Billy McFarland’s parents worth?

Irene McFarland and Steven McFarland’s net worth is undisclosed to the public. However, their son Billy McFarland has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Do Billy McFarland’s parents have any other children?

It is not known whether Irene McFarland and Steven McFarland have any other children, or whether Billy is an only child.

What do Billy McFarland’s parents do for a living?

Irene McFarland and Steven McFarland are real estate developers, they own RS Development Corp. in New Jersey.

Irene and Steven McFarland’s Photo Gallery


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