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Candace Owens’s Husband – The Power Couple Binding the USA the & UK

Who is Candace Owens’s Husband?

George Farmer is a British businessman who came from a wealthy and famous clan in the UK.  He is the son of British Tory peer Lord Michael Farmer, a member of the House of Lords, businessman, philanthropist, and former treasurer of the Conservative Party. He is the husband of Candace Owen, the new face of black conservatism in the US, and a well-known pro-Trump supporter and political activist.

He stood as a Brexit Party candidate in the EU elections in 2019 and is currently the chairman of Turning Point UK which is a UK-based offshoot of Turning Point USA, an organization that challenges left-wing ideologies.


He was a former member of Bullingdon Club — a private all-male dining club that includes only the elite society of students at Oxford University. Bullingdon Club was originally a sporting club, dedicated to cricket and horse-racing but gradually turned into a dining society as its principal activity.

In 2016, to gain access to the Prime Minister, he donated a minimum of £50,000 a year, making him the youngest-ever member of the Leader’s Group. In 2018, he chaired the Tories’ Black and White Ball.

What is George Farmer’s net worth?

George Farmer has an estimated net worth of $180 million working as a businessman.

Has George Owens married Candace Owen?

Yes, George Farmer is married to Candace Owen. They got married on the 31st of August 2019, over Labor Day weekend, at Trump Winery in Virginia. After less than 3 weeks of dating, they got engaged over a call using Facetime and decided to tie the knot after 8 months.

Candace Owens’ wedding day

What is George Farmer’s nationality?

George Farmer is a British man who was born in London, England.

How old is George Farmer?

George Farmer is 26 years old.


How tall is George Farmer and how much does he weigh?

George Farmer stands at 5 feet and 11 inches or 180 centimeters tall and weighs around 176 pounds or 80 kilograms.

Does George Farmer have any children?

No, George Farmer and Candace Owens don’t have children as of the moment.

Check out Candace Owens’ latest Tweets

Any one of you lefties care to explain to me how “Russia” made Hunter snap pics of himself smoking crack, shoot videos having sex w/ women while wearing his deceased brother’s chain, & text @JoeBiden about sexual allegations from his brother’s widow regarding his underage niece?

Can somebody PLEASE pay Prince Harry’s ransom so Meghan Markle stops releasing these hostage videos?

I love you England but 2020 has been rough enough without us having to watch a Stockholm syndrome royal losing his soul to a D-list actress.

Who the hell would remain silent if they were accused of smoking crack, harboring child porn, and posing seductively w/ their underage niece?


Nothing screams PROGRESSIVE quite like having morning sickness in an all-gendered restroom. Men pissing in urinals outside of my stall while I heave into a toilet 7 months pregnant is true EqUaLiTy.


Keep up the fight for change that 99.9% of women don’t want!

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