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Dax Shepard: Actor, Writer, Director, and Podcast Host

Learn about Dax Randall Shepard, the American actor, writer, director, and podcast host who is married to Kristen Bell. From his early life to his successful career, discover his story.

Dax Randall Shepard: More Than Just Kristen Bell’s Husband

Move over, Kristen Bell! We’re here to talk about the man behind the woman – Dax Randall Shepard. This American actor, writer, director, and podcast host is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Born in Highland Township, Michigan, Shepard was raised in Milford, Connecticut. Fun fact: he was named after a character in a Harold Robbins novel. He’s got two siblings – an older brother and a younger sister.

Shepard may have graduated with Latin honors in Anthropology from UCLA, but his true passion was always stand-up comedy. He eventually landed a spot in the Sunday Company of The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, which led to a TV show with Ashton Kutcher called Punk’d. Kutcher even helped him get an agent!

From there, Shepard’s career took off. He’s acted in numerous TV shows and movies alongside big names like his wife, Kristen Bell. Speaking of which, the two started dating in 2007 and got engaged three years later. But they didn’t rush to the altar – they waited until same-sex marriage was legal in California to tie the knot. Why? Because they didn’t want to celebrate a right that their LGBTQ+ friends didn’t have.

So there you have it – Dax Randall Shepard is more than just Kristen Bell’s husband. He’s a talented actor, writer, director, and all-around funny guy. And we can’t wait to see what he does next!


Is Dax Shepard single or married?

Shepard is happily married to actress Kristen Bell with 2 daughters. However, it has not been all smooth sailing in their marriage – Dax Shepard had strong beliefs against marriage, arguing that a piece of paper owned by the state doesn’t guarantee anyone’s good behavior towards their partner. The path to marriage was a bit rocky in the beginning, but they compromised and worked hard on their relationship to get to where they are today.

What Does Dax Shepard do for a living?

Shepard is an actor, comedian, director, and podcast host.

When did Kristen Bell meet her husband?

Shepard met actress Kristen Bell at the birthday party of a mutual friend; they began dating in late 2007.

What Nationality is Dax Shepard?

Being born in Michigan, USA, Dax is an American.

How old is Dax Shepard?

Dax Shepard was born on 2 January 1975 and is currently 49 years old. He is a Capricorn.


How tall is Dax Shepard and how much does he weigh?

Dax Sheperd’s height is very much above average at 191cm or 6’3’’. He weighs 194lbs or 87 kilos.

What is Dax Shepard’s net worth?

His estimated net worth stands at 15 million dollars due to his career in television and movies.

Does Dax Shepard have any children?

Dax Shepard is blessed with 2 daughters named Lincoln and Delta.

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