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Chailee Son – An Executive Biography🙊

What people want to know about the Instagrammer Chailee Son: Why she started Instagramming, & how she got that great bod!

Who is Chailee Son?💭

Chailee Son is a social media influencer and model on Instagram. Chailee was born on February 5, 1998. Currently she is 25. Her Instagramming began in 2014 while she was in Canada on a working holiday visa. Originally, she created her Instagram account to share her travel adventures and selfies online with her family and friends in South Korea, however now, they get shared with her 1 million followers. She also studied Material Science Engineering at Kyungs

Chailee worked hard in creating her swimwear line. Soon, as she became successful, Chailee was featured by Sports Illustrated as “Lovely Lady of the Day”. In an interview, Chailee admitted that it all started when she uploaded mirror selfies on her Instagram account with popular hashtags #asiangirl and #ootd. It was then that famous Instagram accounts started sharing her posts giving her more social media exposure.

To maintain her gorgeous body and appearance, Chailee trains at the gym twice a week with a personal trainer. She focuses on her legs, upper body, glutes, and her round shoulders. Chailee always tries to eat carefully, only snacking on fruit. Her mother also helps by preparing dishes for her that fit in with her healthy diet. As well as spending time training to have the body she wants, Chailee also makes sure that she has plenty of time to sunbathe as she believes that darker skin suits her more.

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Best of Chailee Son📸

What nationality is Chailee Son?🌍

Chailee is Korean, she later moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2014.

What is Chailee Son’s height?🤷

Chailee is 5ft2, or 157cm.

What is Chailee Son’s net worth right now?💷

Instagram Star Chailee Son has not revealed her net worth.

Is Chailee Son single?💏🏻

Chailee is currently single, she has previously spoken of being in a relationship in the past.


What does Chailee Son do for a living?🕵️‍♀️

Chailee is an Instagram influencer tagged as one of the richest South Korean Instagrammers.

Chailee Son’s nighttime skincare routine😴



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