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Noah and Elias Bublé: Michael Bublé’s Sons – A Story of Cancer, Burns, and Family Love

Learn about Michael Bublé’s sons, Noah and Elias. Noah battled liver cancer at age 3 and is now cancer-free. Elias is his younger brother.

The Bublé Boys: Noah and Elias – Michael Bublé’s Sons

Meet Noah and Elias, the dynamic duo that make up Michael Bublé’s adorable sons. Noah, the eldest, is the product of Michael’s Canadian charm and his Argentine wife Luisana Lopilato’s beauty. Unfortunately, at the tender age of 3, Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer. But after two years of fighting, he was declared cancer-free in 2018! Talk about a little fighter. Although, it seems like Noah has a knack for getting into trouble, as he made headlines in 2015 for accidentally pouring hot water on himself. Ouch!

Elias, on the other hand, is the youngest of the two and was born in Vancouver, Canada. He’s an Aquarius, so watch out world! He also has a younger sister named Vida, who was born in 2018. Looks like Michael and Luisana are building their own little squad.

The couple got engaged in 2009 and tied the knot two years later. It’s safe to say that their love has only grown stronger with the addition of their two little boys. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this adorable family.


What Nationality Are Noah and Elias Bublé?

Noah and Elias are both Canadian, like their father Michael. Their mother is from Argentina.

How Old Noah and Elias Bublé and How Much Do They Weigh?

Noah is 6 years old being born on August 27, 2013. Elias, his younger brother, is 4 and was born on January 22, 2016.

What Are Noah and Elias Bublé’s Net Worth?

Noah and Elias share the net worth of their parents. Michael’s net worth is said to be at $60 million while his wife, the boys’ mother Luisana Lopilato’s is $7 million.

Are Noah and Elias Bublé Single or Married?

Noah and Elias are obviously single, being so young.

What Do Noah and Elias Bublé Do for a Living?

Both Noah and Elias do what young kids should do – work hard at having fun and enjoying life to the full


What Kind Of Cancer Does Michael Bublé’s Son Have?

Noah Bublé fell sick when he was only three years old. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016. He underwent treatment in the US and eventually was declared cancer-free.

How Old Are Michael Bublés’ Sons?

Noah was born in 2013. He is 6 years old. His brother Elias was born in 2016 and is 4.

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