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What Everyone Must Know About Chip Hailstone: Marital Status, Wife, Net Worth, Height and More!

Find out little known facts about Chip Hailstone: Marital Status, Wife, Net Worth, Height and More!

Chip Hailstone Overview

Chip Hailstone is the star of the National Geographic reality television show Life Below Zero alongside Glenn Villeneuve. This reality television show chronicles the life of the Hailstone family and of the people in the Alaskan frontier. With the show running for 11 seasons, Chip Hailstone is the main cast and patriarch of the Hailstone family in the show,  and it features their struggles, victories, and unique lifestyle living under extreme cold weather conditions in Alaska. Chip Hailstone has a huge following primarily because fans are amazed at how Chip and his family have survived and loved the life in the Alaskan wild, especially in a time when people would rather live in the security of a modern and predictable urban life. Because of such, when news of Chip Hailstone’s looming incarceration in 2011 came out, many fans were angered and did their best to petition for Chip not to receive jail time.

Chip Hailstone was born in Montana in 1969. His childhood background and education remain a mystery as there are no reports regarding Chip’s formal education. What is amazing, however, is that his own father taught him the many skills that he uses living in the remote town of Noorvik in Alaska. Chip set foot in the Alaskan wild at the age of 19. From then on, he came to love the extreme weather conditions and primitive, natural life that Alaska offered. Chip would, later on, marry an Alaskan native as he settled down in the region.

What is the nationality of Chip Hailstone?

Chip has now spent a better part of his life in Alaska; he was born in Montana in the United States and is, therefore, American.

How tall is Chip Hailstone and how much does he weigh?

Chip stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs around 170 pounds.

Is Chip Hailstone married or single?

As Chip loved the Alaskan life, he would settle there and find love in an Alaskan native. Her name is Agnes Hailstone.

How much is Chip Hailstone’s net worth?

From his earnings in the reality television show Life Below Zero, Chip has a net worth of more or less $200,000.

How many kids does Chip Hailstone have?

Chip has three biological daughters with Agnes. He also has two sons from Agnes’s previous relationship. All in all, he has seven children under his name.

Why did Chip Hailstone go to jail?

Chip went to jail as he was found guilty of giving false information to the authorities. It all started in 2011 when Chip had a scuffle with two state troopers who Chip accused of taking advantage of one of his daughters. However, in a court inquisition, it was found that Chip lied, and he was then charged with perjury.

How long is Chip Hailstone’s jail sentence?

Although Chip tried his best to contest and overturn the court ruling, his appeal was not granted. Thus, in 2018, he served his jail sentence that would be effective for 15 months.

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