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Who is Liz Wheeler? Host of Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler on OAN, controversial journalist with 250k Twitter followers.

Learn about Liz Wheeler, the opinionated and controversial host of “Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler” on OAN. With 30k+ Instagram and 250k+ Twitter followers, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Who is Liz Wheeler?

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the infamous Liz Wheeler! You may know her as the host of the TV news show Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler on One America News or OAN. With over 30k followers on Instagram and a whopping 250k on Twitter, it’s safe to say she’s kind of a big deal.

But did you know that Liz’s journalistic talents were already shining bright in high school? She wrote blogs for her fellow students, covering local and national issues. One of her early pieces, Erring on the Side of Life, bravely tackled the often emotional topic of abortion in the US.

After high school, Liz went on to study political sciences at Pennsylvania State University. And as soon as she got her degree, she took on the role of social media manager for RecruitMilitary, an organization devoted to helping US veterans transition back to civilian life. Talk about making a difference!

Controversy seems to follow Liz wherever she goes, but she never shies away from it. Whether it’s politics or social issues, she’s always ready to take on the tough topics. And that’s why she’s a force to be reckoned with.


What’s new with Liz Wheeler?

in December 2022, Wheeler appeared on an episode of the Fox News radio show to discuss the impact of the midterm elections on the conservative movement and the future of the party.

Who did Liz Wheeler marry?

In August 2017, Liz announced her engagement to her fans via her Instagram account. Flashing her stunning engagement ring, Liz posted a picture of herself with the caption “Call me Mrs.

Liz and her husband tied the knot in a quiet, private ceremony on September 25, 2017, just a month after breaking the news of her engagement. Although fans were dying to know the identity of Liz’s husband, the only public wedding photo she posted had her husband’s head turned away from the camera. Wearing a white service suit, it appears that Liz’s husband is in the US military in some capacity.



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Liz Wheeler talking about how human life matters. Period.


How many kids does Liz Wheeler have?

Liz had a beautiful baby daughter in February 2021.


How old is Liz Wheeler?

Liz was born on July 12, 1989. This means that Liz is 34-years old.


How much is Liz Wheeler worth?

With Liz’s work as a news contributor, television news host, publisher, and social media manager, the estimated net worth for Liz ranges from $1 million to $3 million.


What is the approximate height & weight of Liz Wheeler?

As a rough estimate, Liz stands at no more than 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her weight looks to range between 115 to 120 pounds.

Liz Wheeler with Michael J Knowles


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So good to see Miley Cyrus, I mean @michaeljknowles at YAF.

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Why Women Deserve The Right To An AR-15

Why Women Deserve the Right to an AR-15

Fun fact: AR does not stand for assault rifle. Here's why women like myself deserve to have an AR-15.

Posted by Liz Wheeler on Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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How to get in touch with Liz Wheeler?

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