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Liz Wheeler: Her Bio, Age, Measurements and More!

Who is Liz Wheeler?

Liz Wheeler is primarily known for being the host of the television news show Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler for One America News or OAN. Being an outspoken and highly opinionated news personality, Liz Wheeler has more than 30k followers on Instagram and close to 250k followers on Twitter.

Early on in high school, Liz was already showcasing her talent as a future journalist. In school, she wrote blogs on current national and local issues. One of her first blogs was entitled “Erring on the side of life.” In the blog, Liz articulated her opinions on the issue of abortion in the United States. Immediately after completing high school, Liz pursued her degree in political science at Pennsylvania State University. True to being an advocate on many social issues that confound American society, Liz took the job of social media manager for RecruitMilitary, an organization devoted to helping US veterans ease back into civilian life as they start new careers and endeavors. For quite some time now, Liz has also shared her time and expertise as a board member for the Board of Zoning Appeals in Ohio. She is not only a beautiful face on television, but is also a voice to be heard on issues surrounding American lives.  


Who did Liz Wheeler marry?

In August 2017, Liz delivered news of her engagement to her fans through her Instagram account. Flashing her wedding engagement ring, Liz posted a picture of herself with the caption “Call me Mrs.” Liz and her husband tied the knot in a quiet, private ceremony on September 25, 2017, just a month after breaking the news of her engagement. Although her fans were dying to know the identity of Liz’s husband, the only public wedding photo she posted had her husband’s head turned away from the camera. Wearing a white service suit, it appears that Liz’s husband works as a soldier or perhaps military personnel for the United States.

How old is Liz Wheeler?

Liz was born on July 12, 1989. This means that Liz is 30-years-old in 2020.

What is the nationality of Liz Wheeler?

Liz Wheeler was born in Sharonville in Ohio and is therefore American.

How much is Liz Wheeler’s net worth?

With Liz’s work as a news contributor, television news host, publisher, and social media manager, the estimated net worth for Liz ranges from $1 million to $3 million.

How tall is Liz Wheeler and how much does she weigh?

As a rough estimate, Liz would stand at not more than 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her weight looks to range between 115 to 120 pounds.

Is Liz Wheeler married or single?

Liz Wheeler is married but has kept the identity of her husband away from the public eye.

How many kids does Liz Wheeler have?

Liz does not have any children as of yet.

Liz Wheeler with Michael J Knowles


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So good to see Miley Cyrus, I mean @michaeljknowles at YAF.

A post shared by Liz Wheeler (@liz_oann) on


Why Women Deserve The Right To An AR-15

Why Women Deserve the Right to an AR-15

Fun fact: AR does not stand for assault rifle. Here's why women like myself deserve to have an AR-15.

Posted by Liz Wheeler on Tuesday, March 28, 2017



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Latest Tweets From Liz Wheeler

Here’s a solution to school closures: homeschool your kids & avoid the radical leftist indoctrination. Win win.

My family were gassed, ripped from their homes, forced to work in camps and made to watch most of their families slaughtered. I find an “oops, you misunderstood me quoting ADOLF HITLER” as not quite good enough. Sorry.

Oh you “spoke with him.” I was afraid you might have forced him to take a $1M pay cut... oh wait no, that’s reserved for serious offenders who wear OAN t-shirts, right? If you post quotes you think are from Hitler, you just get... talked to.

Today a woman reached out to me who said she was drugged and raped while she was unconscious, and the video of her assault uploaded to Pornhub. She said she was obviously unconscious in the video & it was presented as a “rape fantasy” SHUT IT DOWN. #Traffickinghub

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