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Colin Kaepernick’s Parents – Get The Lowdown on Heidi Russo, Teresa Kaepernick, and Rick Kaepernick

Everything that there is to know about the Biological and Adoptive Parents of Colin Kaepernick!

Heidi Russo, Teresa Kaepernick, and Rick Kaepernick – Colin Kaepernick’s Parents

American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick was placed for adoption by his biological mother Heidi Russo, and he was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. The couple had two other children, Kyle and Devon. They lost their other two sons due to congenital heart defects.

Colin is currently dating TV host and personality Nessa Diab.

Colin Kaepernick with his adoptive family on Facebook


Where are Colin Kaepernick’s parents from?

Heidi, Teresa, and Rick are all American.

What race are Colin Kaepernick’s parents?

The birth mother of Colin, Heidi Russo, is an American. His birth father is an African-American man. However, Russo gave up Colin for adoption by the Caucasian couple Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick gives his mom (Theresa) a Mother’s Day gift

How old are Colin Kaepernick’s parents?

Heidi Russo was born in 1969 and is around 52 years old. As for the adoptive parents of Colin, their ages haven’t been revealed.

Is the net worth of Colin Kaepernick’s parents known?

The net worth of Heidi Russo was not revealed. However, she works as a nurse in the United States, and as such could have a regular nursing salary of $73,550. As for Rick and Teresa, their net worth was not revealed.

Interview with Colin Kaepernick and adoptive mother, Teresa

Are Colin Kaepernick’s adoptive parents still married?

Rick and Teresa Kaepernick are married. They are the adoptive parents of Colin. As for his biological mother, Heidi Russo, she married Heath Russo and had three other children.


What do Colin Kaepernick’s parents do for a living?

Heidi Russo works as a nurse and is the co-founder of the group Linked Thru Love, a group aiming to end the stereotypes associated with adoption and birthmothers.

Rick Kaepernick, the adoptive father of Colin, is the vice president of operations for Hilmar Cheese Company, in Hilmar, California. Before working in Hilmar, he had a job in the dairy industry in Milwaukee.

Colin Kaepernick announcing his appearance in VH1’s Dear Mama


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