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The Tragic Story of Jayme Closs’ Parents

The kidnapping of Jayme Closs and the murder of her parents, James and Denise Closs: Everything that there is to know about the tragic incident.

James and Denise Closs Overview – Jayme Closs Parents

The kidnapping of Jayme Closs and subsequent murder of her parents James and Denise happened on October 15, 2018. Jayme was just 13-years old when she was abducted and her parents killed. The incident took place at around 12:53 a.m. Jake Thomas Patterson forced his way inside the Closs house and shot James and Denise. He then took Jayme to a house 110 km away from their home and held her captive from October 15, 2018, until January 10, 2019, whereafter she miraculously escaped.

After the escape, Patterson was arrested and taken into custody. He pleaded guilty but the court judge refused to be lenient with his sentence. He was given two life sentences and an additional 40 years with no possibility of parole.

One year after her remarkable escape, Jayme is now busy working on becoming a normal kid with the help of her relatives and friends around her.


What Nationality Were James and Denise Closs?

James and Denise were American. The crime happened inside their house in Barron, Wisconsin,

How Old Were James and Denise Closs?

James Closs was 56 when the incident happened and Denise Closs was 46. Their perpetrator, Jake Thomas Patterson was just 21 at the time of the murder.

What Was James and Denise Closs’s Net Worth?

The net worth of James and Denise were not disclosed to the public.

Were James and Denise Closs Married or Divorced?

James and Denise Closs were married at the time of the incident. They were killed by shooter Jake Patterson after breaking into their house, followed by the kidnap of their daughter, Jayme.

What Did James and Denise Closs Do for a Living?

The work of James and Denise, mother of Jayme, was not revealed to the public.


What Did Jayme Closs Parents Do?

The job of Jayme Closs’s parents, James and Denise, were not revealed to the public.

How Did Jayme Closs Parents Die?

The parents of Jayme Closs, James and Denise were shot inside their family home in Barron, Wisconsin by Jake Patterson.

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