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Cree Cicchino: Rising Star of Mr. Iglesias and The Sleepover

Discover Cree Cicchino’s rise to fame as Marisol Fuentes in Mr. Iglesias and her role as Mim in The Sleepover. A talented dancer, skilled in hip hop and jazz.

Cree Cicchino: From Game Shakers to Mr. Iglesias

Move over Meryl Streep, there’s a new leading lady in town! Cree Cicchino has taken the entertainment world by storm with her role as Marisol Fuentes in the Netflix hit sitcom Mr. Iglesias. But before she was making us laugh on screen, she was playing Babe in the Nickelodeon TV show Game Shakers at the ripe old age of 13. And now, she’s gearing up to star in another Netflix classic – The Sleepover, where she’ll bring the troubled character of Mim to life.

But acting isn’t the only thing Cree excels at. She’s been a dancer since the tender age of 4 and is especially skilled in hip hop and jazz. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her bust a move in her next role!

Want to learn more about Cree’s journey to stardom? Check out her time on Game Shakers and all her other accomplishments on her Wikipedia page.

Cree Cicchino on the set of Mr Inglesias


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Who is Cree Cicchino dating?

Cree Cicchino has been rumored to have dated a couple of her fellow actors. One of them was the young Jaheem Toombs, known for playing Fenwick Fraser in the award-winning Nick show 100 Things to do Before High School. The couple announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day 2020!

However … this was later denounced as a prank by the actors! We’ve put our hats back in the closet!

Is Cree Cicchino married or single?

Cree Cicchino is single.

How many kids does Cree Cicchino have?

The 18-year-old actress doesn’t have kids.

 How old is Cree Cicchino?

Cree Cicchino was born on May 9, 2002 so is currently 21.  She was only 13 years when she first appeared in Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers. Cree Cicchino is a Taurus, and people under this star sign are known to be ambitious and driven – which she certainly is!

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What is the nationality of Cree Cicchino?

Cree Cicchino was born in Queens, New York City.

How tall is Cree Cicchino and how much does she weigh?

Cree Cicchino stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall, and weighs less than 100lbs.

How much is Cree Cicchino’s net worth?

The young Cree Cicchino has a growing net worth of $400,000.

Cree Cicchino’s latest Tweets

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