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Mandisa Glover: Daughter of Danny Glover & Asake Bomani

Discover the life of Mandisa Glover, the only daughter of Danny Glover and Asake Bomani, an American author and jazz singer. Learn more here.

Mandisa Glover – The Sole Spawn of Danny Glover

Mandisa Glover is the only offspring of the legendary American actor, director, and activist Danny Glover and Asake Bomani, the renowned jazz singer and author.

Danny and Asake called it quits in 2000, but Danny found love again with Elaine Cavalleiro, a smarty-pants professor at Stanford University with a Ph.D. in education. They don’t have any known kiddos and don’t plan on having any, according to sources. Looks like Mandisa will remain the sole heir to the Glover throne.

Asake Bomani with Mandisa Glover


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Mandisa Glover looking lovingly towards her father


How old is Mandisa Glover? How tall is she?

Danny Glover’s daughter was born in San Francisco, California, in the United States of America on January 5, 1976. She is 48 years old this year. A January birthday makes her a Capricorn with all the organization, determination, and athleticism of the goat 😅😅😅

There are no reports regarding Mandisa’s height, weight, and other body measurements. Mandisa keeps herself out of the spotlight and doesn’t freely release personal information. However, it has been noted that she is especially close to her father.

Mandisa Glover’s father on their African American ancestry:

What is Mandisa Glover’s net worth?

Mandisa’s net worth is not publicized. But her salary is reported to be $60,000 to $70,000, so her net worth can be estimated using this range.

Is Mandisa Glover single or married?

Mandisa is reportedly married, but there is no information on her partner. Together with her husband, they have a teenage son.

What does Mandisa Glover do for a living?

Mandisa is currently listed as an owner at AlileAixe, which is a local business based in New York, New York in the United States. It is convenient for Mandisa as she is also staying in New York at the moment.

Does Danny Glover’s daughter also act?

Mandisa does not act like her father. But she is involved in a small business as well as some Hollywood films behind the scenes.

Her IMDb credits her for her work as a costume designer in the Costume and Wardrobe Department on the set of The Drummer in 2007 and as a staff assistant in the film, You’ve Got Mail in 1998.


Are there other famous celebrities related to Mandisa Glover?

Apart from her celebrity A-lister father, Mandisa is related to Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, a British musician and record producer.

Martin is best known for being a member of the Fireman where he played alongside Paul McCartney. He also founded the band Killing Joke, played as a bassist, and released many chart-topping hits throughout his career.

Mandisa Glover Photo Gallery

Danny Glover’s (Mandisa Glover’s father) latest Tweets:

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