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Controversial Comedian Darren Knight: The Rise of Southern Momma

Uncover the controversial comedian Darren Knight, aka Southern Momma, with over half a billion views. Despite criticism, he’s the fastest rising comedian with successful tours and over 200k YouTube subscribers.

Who the Heck is Darren Knight?

Darren Knight is a comedian who’s been stirring up some controversy lately. He’s gained quite a following thanks to his social media alter-ego, Southern Momma, which has racked up over half a billion views. Some people say he’s the fastest rising comedian out there, but others criticize him for relying too much on quick edits and costumes. They say he lacks originality, but hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! With over 200k subscribers on YouTube alone, and successful tours under his belt, it’s clear that not everyone is a hater. Some folks even compare him to the legendary Jeff Foxworthy and his hilarious parodies. So, love him or hate him, Darren Knight’s star is still shining bright. Check out his website for more info!

Darren Knight’s typical Southern Momma skit:


Origins of Southern Momma

A proud southerner, Darren has used his roots to his advantage. With the creation of his exaggerated alter-ego, Southern Momma, Darren has played upon the redneck stereotype to move on from what he has referred to as the ‘rough times’ in his life, where he could barely afford to pay for heat and had to rely on padded blankets just to keep warm.

His first uploaded video, in 2015, titled  Southern Mom Gettin’ Kids Ready for School, has earned him a mighty 1.5 million views. It was so well received, that he decided to make more. His first unofficial gig was a spur-of-the-moment session at The Peerless Saloon in 2016, when he decided to get up on stage at the prompting of the bartender, at an open-mic night. It proved such a hit with the crowd, that Darren was convinced comedy was his calling, after just one fifteen-minute set. He performed his first-ever comedy show only one month later and Southern Momma has been his meal ticket ever since.

Why does Darren Knight wear gloves?

It remains a mystery why Darren wears gloves. Maybe he gets cold hands, or doesn’t want to leave fingerprints?

Why the controversy?

Darren has always been vocal about his beliefs. Even so, at the 2018 Montreal Just For Laughs festival, it seemed he went slightly too far. The comedian was booed off stage for speaking out against fellow acts who he considered to be virtue signaling, using their slots to talk about issues including race and gender politics.

Comedy’s not about race or sexism – people come here to laugh”, he told the audience – apparently not the best way to finish a show, especially when it was for Variety’s showcase for the Top 10 Comics to Watch that year. He is rumored to be unpopular on the comedy circuit, with his outspoken views often getting him into even more trouble.

Where is Darren Knight from?

The rising star is from Munford, Alabama in the United States although, in his career as a comedian, he is constantly on the move.

How much is Darren Knight worth?

Darren has done well for himself in monetary terms, with an estimated $500,000 net worth as of 2020.


Is Darren Knight gay?

Despite his sexual orientation having been speculated upon heavily, due in part to his apparent lack of romantic relations with the female sex, neither Darren himself nor anyone close to him has ever confirmed his sexual preferences, either way. Darren has only been in the public eye for a few years though, so it likely won’t remain a secret forever.

Check out Darren Knight in Jericho’s brilliant Buck Wild music video

How old is Darren Knight?

Darren was born on March 14th, 1986, and is currently 38 years of age. His zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Darren Knights’ height? How much does he weigh?

Darren stands at 1.78 meters tall (5’10”) and weighs 69 kilograms (154 lbs).

Darren Knight Photo Gallery

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