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Discovering the Comedy Genius of David Spade: From SNL to Hollywood and Beyond

See who David Spade is and his journey to becoming a successful comedian. From SNL to starring roles in films and animation, he’s a talent to watch.

Who the Heck is David Spade?

David Wayne Spade is a comedic genius who can hold his own alongside Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, and Nick Swardson. In fact, he’s toured with these funny guys! David’s rise to fame was no easy feat. He started out as a cast member on the legendary late-night sketch show, Saturday Night Live (SNL for short). His hilarious performances on SNL led to him landing roles on two other long-running comedy shows, Just Shoot Me and Rules of Engagement.

David Spade got his start in comedy films back in the late 80s when he starred in Police Academy 4. From there, he went on to star in other classics like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Joe Dirt, and Father of the Year (just to name a few). But David’s talents don’t stop at acting. He’s also lent his unique voice to animated films like Hotel Transylvania, Rugrats, and The Emperor’s New Groove.

If you haven’t heard of David Spade before, you’re missing out on some serious laughs. Check out his work and prepare to be entertained!


What is the nationality of David Spade?

David Spade was born in Birmingham, Michigan. He is American. He was born on July 22, which means that he was born under the star sign Cancer. People born under this sign are caring and empathetic, which could explain why David has been known to donate money to many charities and causes.

How tall is David Spade and how much does he weigh?

David is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs around 153 pounds.

Is David Spade married or single?

David Spade is single. However, he has dated a number of gorgeous women and celebrities that include Teri Hatcher, Julie Bowen, Heather Locklear, and former Playboy playmate Jillian Grace. It is with Jillian that David Spade has a daughter.

How much is David Spade’s net worth?

With his successes as an actor and comedian, David Spade has a net worth of $60 million.

How many kids does David Spade have?

David Spade has a child with former Playboy playmate Jillian Grace. Their daughter, Harper,  was born in 2008.


How is David Spade related to Kate Spade?

David Spade and Kate Spade are indeed related since Kate was the wife of David’s brother Andy Spade. Kate died in 2018 from an apparent suicide. Kate, together with husband Andy, was the one who co-founded the Kate Spade designer brand.

What happened to David Spade?

Although the lives of celebrities are never dull, David Spade’s life is quite colorful. First, in November of 2019, David Spade almost died as he was attacked while he was sleeping in his home. The attacker was no less than his assistant Skippy Malloy who was suffering from psychological and drug-related problems. David was lucky to come out alive! Skippy Malloy had in his possession a stun gun with which he wanted to kill David. Good thing was David was thinking clearly as he was able to escape from his assailant who weighed more than 300 pounds. David was able to lock himself in his own bathroom while holding off Skippy with a shotgun!

Together with this incident, David Spade was also involved in a serious car crash where his luxury SUV was hit by a speeding vehicle. Luckily, David was able to elude death again as his car’s airbags were deployed. In one Ellen DeGeneres Show, David gave an account of what happened; he said that after the accident, he was brought to the hospital. Apparently, there was no injury, leading him to ask people from the hospital to take him to a dinner party he was supposed to go to. Later, in the morning, he found out that he had one broken rib. David Spade is one hell of an escape artist!

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