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Diane Addonizio: Lawyer, Businesswoman, Author & Photographer 📚📸

Find out the career and background of Diane Addonizio, successful lawyer and businesswoman. Read about her education and her book, “He’s Just my Dad.”

Diane Addonizio: Lawyer, Businesswoman, and Camera Prodigy👀

Diane Addonizio, born on January 1, 1960, is 64 and grew up in a Catholic family. We tried to pry into her family life, but it seems like they’re more secretive than the CIA 🧐🤫🤐

Diane is a force to be reckoned with in the legal and business world. She studied Classical Studies and Law at Villanova University before graduating from the University of California School of Law. It’s clear that her Catholic upbringing played a role in her uni choice, as she attended an Augustinian Catholic establishment.

But wait, there’s more! Diane is also a published author and talented photographer. Her book, He’s Just my Dad, showcases famous sporting fathers and their kids, and proves that she’s a pro behind the camera.

Don’t believe us? Check out her website and see for yourself! (hyperlink)


Who is Diane Addonizio’s husband?💏🏻

Diane’s other claim to fame is her marriage to NFL’s Howie Long. Howie was a hugely successful football hero, recording over 84 stacks across 13 seasons. He has also appeared in the 1990s TV series Broken Arrow, and several other shows, before accepting the position of studio analyst for Fox Sports. He and Diane were married on June 27, 1982.

The couple have gained a reputation for being able to surmount any difficulties together, and Howie considers Diane his rock. She left her career behind to support him and later, their sons in their chosen professions.

Diane Addonizio’s Photo Gallery📸​

How many children does Diane Addonizio have?👶

Diane and Howie had their first child, Christopher, in 1985, followed by Kyle in 1988, and two years later Mathew. All three boys have decided to follow in their father’s illustrious footsteps, with Christopher playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Kyle the Chicago Bears, and Mathew is a P.A for the Raiders.

Diane has brought her sons up to be generous, caring and kind, and must be incredibly proud of Christopher donating all his salary to charity. Here is Diane’s husband explaining how they both feel:


What kind of lawyer is Diane Addonizio?👨‍⚖️

Currently, Diane is a non-practicing lawyer. Her focus now is mainly on her husband and children.

What is the ethnic background of Diane Addonizio?🌍

Diane is American by nationality and is of North-American ethnicity.


Where was Diane Addonizio born?🧐

Diane was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, to Catholic parents. Raised within the church, it isn’t known if her religious background has influenced the way she has raised her sons. She now lives in Albemarle County, Virginia with her family.

What is Diane Addonizio’s net worth?💷

Diane has an estimated $1 million in net worth. However, there’s no doubt that being half of such a loving partnership, she’ll share her husband’s $16 million.

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