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George Kennedy – His Career, Marriages and Much More!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the late actor, George Kennedy: His Career, Marriages, Death, Net Worth and So Much More!


George Kennedy was an actor who appeared in more than 100 television and film productions. His acting career began in 1961 in the film The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come and appeared in several Hollywood films which include Lonely Are the Brave in 1962, Charade in 1963, and Strait-Jacket in 1964. The year 1965 was a busy one for Kennedy as he appeared in different films such as Mirage, The Flight of the Phoenix, In Harm’s Way, and The Sons of Katie Elder.

In addition, Kennedy also starred in two Japanese productions – Proof of the Man in 1977 and Virus in 1980. He also starred in different television series and shows, including Colt .45, Route 66, Have Gun – Will Travel, The Andy Griffith Show, The Legend of Jesse James, Tarzan, and the ever popular Saturday Night Live.


Kennedy was awarded Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Award and Male Supporting Performance in Laurel Award in 1968 and was nominated at the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture and Male Supporting Performance in the Laurel Award in 1971.

However, long before he hit the silver screen, Kennedy joined the US Army in 1943. Although he longed to become a pilot, he served in the infantry under General George Patton. Captain Kennedy achieved a distinguished service record, and earned two Bronze Stars, alongside a plethora of combat and service ribbons.

He was 91 years old at the time of his death in Middleton, Idaho. His family is into show business — his father is George Harris Kennedy, a musician and orchestra leader who died when he was only four years old.

George Kennedy was raised by his mother Helen who was a ballet dancer.

What was the nationality of George Kennedy?

George Kennedy, born as George Harris Kennedy Jr., is an American actor born on February 18, 1925, in New York City. His other ancestry was English and Irish.

How old was George Kennedy?

He was 91 years old at the time of his death. He was an Aquarius.


How tall was George Kennedy and how much did he weigh?

George Kennedy was six feet four inches tall and weighed 230 pounds.

Is George Kennedy married or single?

George Kennedy got married four times to three women. His first wife was Dorothy Theresa Gillooly, they got married in 1946 and divorced in 1959. His second wife was Norma Jean Wurman also known as Revel Wurman, they were married twice, first was in 1959 and got divorced in 1971, they got back together and married the second time in 1973 and were divorced in 1978. His last wife was Joan McCarthy and they got married in 1978 until her passing in 2015.

How much was George Kennedy’s net worth?

George Kennedy’s net worth is $5 million. He earned this from being a professional actor.

Does George Kennedy have any children?

George Kennedy and Gillooly have a son, Kevin Kennedy, while he had two children, son Christopher and daughter Karianna with Wurman. He and McCarthy adopted Shaunna Kennedy but she developed a drug-abuse problem and in 1998, when Shaunna was declared unfit to raise her daughter Taylor, the couple also adopted their grandchild.

When did George Kennedy die?

George Kennedy died on February 28, 2016.

How did George Kennedy die?

George Kennedy died of natural causes.


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