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Heather Tesch: Nationality, Age, Height, Weight, Marriage, and Kids

Find out the nationality, age, height, weight, marital status, and kids of Heather Tesch. This American TV personality is married with two children.

Heather Tesch’s Meteoric Rise to Stardom

With many feathers in her cap, Heather Tesch is one busy lady! TV anchor, personality, and meteorologist, Tesch is also an avid animal rights campaigner and author. Born in Buffalo, Minnesota, Tesch has managed to keep many of her personal details out of the public domain, and we’ve had to dig deep to bring you the deets on your fave animal-loving weather reader.

Growing up with her family in Buffalo, the young girl thrived in front of the camera and was a born performer, with her mom expecting her to become an actress. However, she soon developed a passion for mimicking the weather reports – even if she didn’t know what barometric pressure was. TBH who does 😂⛈🌎

Gaining a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Minnesota, Tesch followed this up by attending Plymouth State University and graduating with a degree in meteorology – still loving the weather, then! She joined WCCO-TV station in 1996 and presented their weather forecast for a little over two years. Her big break came in 1999, however, when The Weather Channel took her on as one of their anchor meteorologists. Based at their headquarters in Atlanta, Tesch also presented several of their weekly entertainment shows. She left TWC after 13 happy years when the network was sold, and major cuts were made to the staff numbers.

Although she still presents the weather broadcasts for Your Weather Today, Tesch’s path has taken her in a more creative direction, and she has published several adult coloring books. Designed for sufferers of anxiety and depression, HairDoodle: A Calming and Brain-Building Adult Doodle, and her other stress-busting books, are a popular tool in the self-help arsenal. Furthering her writing career, Tesch also writes a weekly slot for the Orange County Post called Heather on Life, Pets, and Weather.


Heather Tesch and her charity work

Keen to promote animal welfare causes, Tesch regularly posts animals ready for adoption on her social media pages. She shares her home with five extremely lucky cats and a lizard called Larry! Her beloved dog passed away early in 2021, aged an incredible 19 years old, and she is determined to allow another dog to experience the good life with her very soon.

What’s the deal with Heather Tesch’s nationality?

Well, she may have been born in Buffalo, Minnesota, but Heather Tesch is as American as apple pie and baseball.

How many trips around the sun has Heather Tesch taken?

This Taurean beauty celebrates her birthday in May and was born in 56, making her a wise and charismatic 54 years old. Her on-camera charm is just one of the many perks of being born under this sign.

What’s the scoop on Heather Tesch’s height and weight?

While there’s no official word on her height and weight, we’re guessing she’s around 5 feet 2 inches and 120 lbs. Her vital stats are 34-25-33, in case you were wondering.

What is Heather Tesch’s net worth?

From her presenting roles, and publishing ventures Tesch’s worth is about $1 million. That is a lot of kitty chow!



Is Heather Tesch hitched or flying solo?

Sorry, fellas, but Heather Tesch is taken. She’s married to a guy named Ryan Mathis, but they keep their relationship pretty private.

Does Heather Tesch have any mini-mes running around?

Yes, indeed! Heather and Ryan are proud parents of two kiddos, but we don’t know much about them. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any updates and let you know ASAP.

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