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Discover the Erudite and Charming Henry Golding: From BBC’s The Travel Show to Crazy Rich Asians and Beyond.

Find out the erudite, charming, and adventurous Henry Golding. Known for Crazy Rich Asians and BBC’s The Travel Show, he’s a rising star in Hollywood.

Henry Golding: The Erudite, Charming, and Adventurous Actor

Move over, James Bond! Henry Ewan Golding is here to steal your thunder. This British actor, host, and model is the epitome of suave sophistication. You might recognize him as Nick Young from the blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians, but did you know that he’s also one of the most popular presenters on BBC network’s The Travel Show? That’s right, Henry has traveled the world to showcase some of the most beautiful, scenic, and adventure-filled places on the planet. And if that’s not impressive enough, he’s also starred in other films and TV shows like Pisau Cukur, Last Christmas, Monsoon, and Snake Eyes. Oh, and did we mention that he’s reprising his role as the dashing Nick Young in the next Crazy Rich Asians sequel? Henry Golding truly is the whole package.


Who is Henry Golding dating?

Many might find it difficult to disassociate Henry Golding from his character Nick Young and, thus, might think that Henry Golding is dating the actress Constance Wu who played the role of Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians. However, since 2011, Henry Golding has been in a relationship with Liv Lo. The two met on the first of January in 2011, and it was Liv Lo who took the initiative of pursuing Henry Golding. They eventually dated, and the two got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Malaysia in 2016. As you may guess, the two love travelling and being on adventures.



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How old is Henry Golding?

Henry Golding was born on February 5, 1987, making him 37 years old this year. He was 29 years old when he married in 2016, and he was only 22 years old when he appeared in the Malaysian comedy-drama film Pisau Cukur. A lot more is to be seen and expected from this handsome young actor.

What is the nationality of Henry Golding?

Henry Golding is British. His father is British, while his mother is Malaysian, which explains his mixed-race features. Born and raised in the peninsula of Malaysia, Henry Golding and his family moved to Surrey in England before Henry turned 10 years old. From then on, he has settled in the United Kingdom.

How tall is Henry Golding and how much does he weigh?

Henry Golding is a tall guy. He stands 6 feet and an inch tall. He looks quite fit and weighs around 185lbs.

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How much is Henry Golding’s net worth?

Henry Golding’s net worth is $3 million.

How many kids does Henry Golding have?

Henry Golding and his wife Liv Lo have a daughter, Saiya Golding.

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