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Joe Rogan’s Daughters: Meet Kayja Rose, Lola, and Rosy Rogan

Find out who Joe Rogan’s daughters are! Meet Kayja Rose, Lola, and Rosy Rogan. Read about Kayja’s music career and her latest single “Self Sabotage”.

Who Are Joe Rogan’s Daughters?

So, you want to know who the spawn of the great Joe Rogan are? Well, let me tell you, he’s got three lovely ladies in his life – Kayja Rose, Lola, and Rosy Rogan.

Now, Kayja Rose is actually Joe’s stepdaughter from his wife Jessica Ditzel’s previous marriage. But don’t let that fool you, she’s still part of the Rogan clan. In fact, Joe even announced her music career on one of his podcasts, and fans have been buzzing about her ever since.

Kayja is a triple threat – she’s a singer, songwriter, and ukulele player. And with 13 tracks under her belt, she’s making quite the name for herself. Her latest single, “Self Sabotage,” is blowing up and her fans can’t get enough.

But Kayja isn’t the only daughter in the Rogan household. Joe and Jessica also have two younger girls – Lola and Rosy Rogan. Lola was born in 2009 after Joe and Jessica got engaged, and Rosy followed in 2010.

Now, Joe likes to keep his family life private, but he’s mentioned Kayja on his podcast before, which has only fueled the curiosity of his fans. So, there you have it – the Rogan girls in all their glory.


What nationality are Kayja Rose, Lola Rogan and Rosy Rogan?

Kayja, Lola, and Rosy are Americans just like their dad Joe Rogan.

How old are Kayja Rose, Lola Rogan and Rosy Rogan?

Kayja is the eldest among the daughters of Joe Rogan. She was born on August 23, 1996, making her a Virgo. She is 27 years old.

Her other siblings were born in 2009 and 2010. The exact dates are unknown, however Lola Rogan is thought to be 15 years old and Rosy Rogan is roughly 14 years old.

How much do Joe Rogan’s daughters weigh?

Kayja weighs 62 kilos or 130 lbs. There is no official information about the weight of Joe Rogan’s two other daughters. Joe Rogan keeps any information about them very private.

What Are Kayja Rose, Lola, and Rosy Rogan’s net worth?

Kayja Rose is still in the early stages of her career. Her estimated net worth is at $100,000. As for Lola and Rosy, their net worth is unknown as they are children and have not yet started building their careers.

Are Kayja Rose, Lola, and Rosy Rogan single or married?

Kayja, Lola, and Rosy are all single. They are lovely girls. They will surely find the love of their lives soon.


What do Kayja Rose, Lola and Rosy Rogan do for a living?

Kayja Rose is a singer and songwriter while her younger siblings are focusing on their studies. Kayja Rose has a blossoming career. We can expect to see more of her works in the coming years.

Snippet from Kayja’s single – Soulful


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