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Is Jamie Lee Curtis’ Son Now a Trans-Woman?

Jamie Lee Curtis adopted two children with her husband, Christopher Guest. Read all about Ruby (once Thomas) Guest’s transition to womanhood here!

Ruby Guest – Re-introducing Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter

Ruby (Once known as Thomas) Guest is one of the two adopted children of American actress, author, and activist Jamie Lee Curtis and husband Christopher Guest. Ruby has an elder sister – Annie Guest, who is also an actress. She attended Santa Monica High School and graduated in 2015, going on to become a student at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Ruby starred in the TV series Game Grumps and World of Warcraft: Looking for Group, before transitioning and has a successful career in the world of gaming.


Was Ruby Guest once a man?

Yes. Ruby Guest was raised as Thomas Guest and was assigned male on their birth certificate. On July 29th, 2021, Jamie Lee Curtis told AARP Magazine that her 25-year-old Ruby was ready to go public about their gender identity. Now that Jamie Lee Curtis has told us about Ruby’s transition, her previous name of Thomas is a “dead name”, however it is not known which pronouns Ruby will use. It is not yet known how or whether Ruby will take on the transition process with either hormones, surgery, or styling, but with a celebrity mother, paying for any desired changes won’t be a problem. It will be exciting to see what Ruby does with her future now she can be truly herself.

Where are the pictures of Ruby?

Ruby largely kept herself out of the public eye prior to her transition, though on some high-profile occasions she has stepped into the limelight. It is not yet known whether transitioning will help Ruby feel more confident in taking a public role, or whether she intends to keep the relative anonymity she enjoyed before.

Is she going to inherit a barony?

Christopher, Ruby and Annie’s father, is the 5th Baron Hade-Guest. However, because Christopher’s children are both adopted, they cannot inherit the family barony, according to the terms of the 2004 Royal Warrant. It is assumed, therefore, that the heir to the barony is the younger brother of Christopher, Nicholas Guest.

Ruby Guest and her mom on the Warcraft Movie (pre-transition):

What is Ruby Guest’s nationality?

Ruby is an American, born in Santa Monica, California.

How old is Ruby Guest and what is her weight?

Ruby Guest was born on March 15, 1996, in Santa Monica, California, making her 27 years old and she stands at 171 cm tall.


What is Ruby Guest worth?

The net worth of Ruby Guest hasn’t been revealed. However, her parents have an impressively huge net worth – Jamie with $60 million for working as an actress, author, and producer. Christopher holds hereditary British peerage as the 5th Baron Haden-Guest and has a bank balance that’s equally impressive 🤑🤑🤑

Family is important – Jamie Lee Curtis talks about her family pre-2021

Is Ruby Guest single or married?

Ruby Guest is engaged to be married on a date in 2023 It used to be difficult to find out anything about this woman’s personal life, but we do know that Jamie Lee Curtis will be officiating the ceremony.

What does Ruby Guest do for a living?

Ruby Guest has appeared on screen, just like her doting parents Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest, starting her movie career in 2015. However, her passion lies within the gaming sector, and this is where she has chosen to work as a computer game editor.

How did Jamie Lee Curtis react to their daughter’s transition?

It seems as though Jamie Lee Curtis, at 62, was ready to see that “old ideas” about gender “don’t work anymore” and that her own life is fluid, rather than fixed and even she is in “constant metamorphosis”.

What happened to Jamie Lee Curtis’ son in Halloween?

John Tate, the fictional son of Jamie Lee Curtis on the TV series Halloween had a tense relationship with his mother. While with his friends and girlfriend, John was attacked by Michael Myers during a Halloween party in the basement (where else? It is Halloween, after all!) of their school.


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