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Who Was Juice WRLD?

Find out everything that you ever needed to know about the late rapper Juice WRLD: His long battle with drugs and his subsequent death

Juice WRLD Overview

Jarad Anthony Higgins, also known as Juice WRLD, was a famous rapper, singer, and song producer. He gained instant fame with his album Goodbye & Good Riddance, which held a certified Platinum record. Most of his songs have been mega-hits.

Juice WRLD’s parents divorced when he was three years old, leaving his mother to raise him along with his older brother. At first, his mom did not let him listen to hip-hop because she was very conservative, and the lyrics she found offensive.

He was raised in a musical household and he learned piano, guitar, and drums at a young age. When he started writing and singing, he decided to post his creations on the platform SoundCloud. After this, he fell in love with rapping and decided to pursue it.


How Tall Was Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD Was 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

What Happened to Juice WRLD

The world and the nation were shocked upon hearing about the sudden death of Juice WRLD while traveling on a private jet in December 2019. Police officials were already on standby because they heard reports about the plane was being filled with guns and drugs.

Once the plane landed, they searched through it and Juice WRLD started to have a drug-related seizure, subsequently passing away due to the overdose. His battle with substance abuse started at a young age.

How Old Was Juice WRLD When He Died?

Juice WRLD was only 21 years old when he passed away.

What Ethnicity Was Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD was Afro American.

What Nationality Was Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD was American.


How Much Did He Weigh?

Juice WRLD weighed 75 kilograms.

What Was Juice WRLD’s Net Worth?

Before passing, his net worth was around $4 million.

What Was Juice WRLD Most Famous For?

Juice WRLD was best known for his song Lucid Dreams and All Girls Are the Same.

Was Juice WRLD Single or Married?

Juice WRLD was single at the time of death.

What Were Juice WRLD’s Hobbies?

Before becoming famous, Juice WRLD was known as JuiceTheKidd on SoundCloud where his talents were discovered. He loved writing songs and it was reported that he wrote his famous song Lucid Dreams in just 15 minutes.

He also loved listening to music, especially those by rapper Tupac – his idol.

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