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Find Out Everything There Is To Know About Lamar Jackson’s College Sweetheart!

Who is Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend?

Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr. is a famous football quarterback in the US, playing for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. He is a young player that has won several awards in his career. His childhood with his mom Felicia Jones and father Lamar Jackson Sr.  was in Pompano Florida. When he was eight he lost both his grandmother and father. From a very young age, Lamar was passionate about football, playing in his school at every level of his education. At the promising age of eight, he could already throw 20 yards and 100 yards in high school.

Lamar’s early career is full of successes. He started playing as a backup and eventually played as the youngest quarterback to a playoff game. In 2019, he played his first full season and made a record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season. He also received the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award.


Despite Lamar’s success as a football player he remains humble and shies away from the spotlight. He prefers to keep his personal life very private. This is why his long time college sweetheart has almost never appeared in the media with him. His college girlfriend that he started dating in 2017 is Jaime Taylor. No personal information is known about the lady since they are both very private people. She also does not appear on his social media accounts and prefers to hide from the public. All we know is she is very much in love with the football player and they are very supportive of each other. However, there is only one interview where Taylor expressed her love and appreciation for Lamar. She said that Lamar has taught her how to handle criticism by showing her critics her capabilities instead of talking back.

The love life of these two is completely private except for one occasion where they both went to a Halloween party dressed up in Harry Potter costumes. Lamar said that it was Taylor’s idea as she is a Harry Potter fan. Taylor said that Lamar is often too tired whenever they try to watch the films and the football player sleeps halfway through the film. Hopefully, the couple will stay together long enough so we could find out more about Jaime Taylor. Maybe in the future when both of them want to settle down we can get more information.

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How old is Jaime Taylor?

Jaime Taylor’s birthday is unknown and she is believed to be in her early 20s.

How tall is Jaime Taylor? What is her height?

Jaime Taylor is estimated to be 170 cm tall and weighs 57 to 69kg.

Is Jaime Taylor married to Lamar Jackson?

Jaime Taylor is in a relationship with her college boyfriend Lamar Jackson. They are still not married.

How much is Jaime Taylor’s net worth?

Jaime Taylor’s net worth is unknown since her profession or her current status is kept private.


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