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Who is Lana Condor’s Boyfriend? Meet Anthony De La Torre, Her Partner of Almost 5 Years!

Identify who Lana Condor’s boyfriend is! Learn about her relationship with actor Anthony De La Torre and their upcoming secret project.

Who is Lana Condor’s boyfriend?

Lana Condor, the Vietnamese-American actress and dancer, has stolen the hearts of millennials and youngsters alike with her role as Lara Jean Covey in the ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ film series. She also played Jubilee in the X-Men saga X-Men: Apocalypse back in 2016. But the real question on everyone’s mind is, who is Lana Condor’s boyfriend?

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s not Noah Centineo. Despite fans’ hopes for a real-life romance between Lana and Noah, the two made a pact to keep things professional for the sake of the ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved’ series. Instead, Lana is happily in love with actor Anthony De La Torre. The couple has been together for almost five years now and celebrated their anniversary last year on a luxury ship in Vancouver. Anthony even composed a song for Lana called ‘Know Me’ – talk about relationship goals!

Of course, not everyone is happy about Lana and Anthony’s relationship. Some diehard fans have made their feelings clear on social media, but the couple remains supportive of each other’s careers despite the challenges they’ve faced. They’ve even attended functions, events, and awards nights together. And if rumors are to be believed, they’re working on a secret project together. Who knows what the future holds for this adorable couple? All we know is that we’re rooting for them!


What else do we know about Lana Condor’s boyfriend?

Lana Condor’s boyfriend is Anthony De La Torre who, just like Lana, is an up and coming actor. You might remember him as the young Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean sequel Dead Men Tell No Tales. He was also part of the recent film Lord of Chaos. Lara and Anthony bumped into each other in an awards night years ago, and she acknowledges that her boyfriend is a talented dancer and musician. From time to time, he writes songs and other romantic compositions for Lana.

What is the nationality of Anthony De La Torre?

Anthony De La Torre was born in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is American.

How tall is Anthony De La Torre and how much does he weigh?

Anthony stands around 6 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 240 pounds.

Is Anthony De La Torre married, in a relationship or single?

Anthony De La Torre is in a relationship.

How much is Anthony De La Torre’s net worth?

Based on information from reliable sources, Anthony De La Torre’s work as an actor has earned him a little above $10 million.


How many kids does Anthony De La Torre have?

Anthony De La Torre does not have children.

How old is Anthony De La Torre?

Anthony De La Torre was born on November 24, 1993. Lana Condor was born on May 11, 1997. Their ages are 30 and 27 years old, respectively.

Lana and Anthony’s relationship


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