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Lecrae: Hip-Hop’s Christian Trailblazer ?

Discover Lecrae, the hip-hop artist defying tradition with his Christian message. From gangster to gospel, his music inspires while advocating his faith.

Lecrae: The Hip-Hop Artist Spreading the Gospel ​👀

Hip-hop music has often been associated with gangster culture, violence, and sex. But one artist has defied that tradition and made hip-hop with a Christian message popular. Meet Lecrae, the actor, songwriter, producer, and primarily a singer of hip-hop music that focuses on the influence of God in his, and other people’s, lives.

Lecrae’s record label, Reach Records, has teamed up with music producer giant Columbia Records in his bid to spread the gospel and his faith through his brand of hip-hop music. And it’s working! Lecrae has made numerous chart-topping albums, including Real Talk in 2004 and Rebel, which was the first hip-hop album to top the Billboard gospel chart.

But Lecrae’s journey to success wasn’t easy. Coming from a gangster background in the Southern States of America, he was involved in drug culture, alcohol, and street violence. However, his turning point came when he attended a gospel conference and saw Christian hip-hop music performed by the group The Cross Movement. From that moment on, Lecrae was devoted to professing the Gospel through hip-hop songwriting and performances.

Now, Lecrae is an outspoken supporter of the anti-racism and end injustice movements while advocating his Christian faith. He’s even performed in sports arenas, writing and singing the ESPN SportsCenter theme Coast to Coast. And his popularity has grown even more with superstar athletes such as NBA player Dwayne Wade and Jeremy Lin following him and talking about the type of inspirational Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae is.

So, if you’re looking for hip-hop with a positive message, check out Lecrae’s music. He’s proof that you can make great music and spread a positive message at the same time.


Lecrae Snapshots📸

Lacrae Talks About Losing Religion But Finding Faith✝️

What is Lecrae’s nationality?🌍

Having lived in the Southern region of the United States, Lecrae is an African-American. He is now 44 years old.

what height is Lecrae and what does he weigh?🤔

Lecrae stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 176 pounds.

Where does Lecrae live?🤷

Although Lecrae has spent his life predominantly in the south, after acquiring a degree from the University of North Texas, he now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


What church does Lecrae go to?

Lecrae has, many times, said that God is with him everywhere, whether he attends church or not – the implication being that he doesn’t go to a church.

Is Lecrae married?💏🏻

Lecrae is married to his childhood sweetheart, Darragh Moore.

Lacrae Travelled To Rome, Italy on Good Friday🌞


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what is the net worth of Lecrae?💷

Through his collection of Christian hip-hop songs, various recordings, and other media performances, Lecrae has a net worth of $2 million.

How many children does Lecrae have?👶

Lecrae has 3 children, two boys, and a gorgeous daughter. Early in their relationship, Lecrae and Darragh aborted a baby, which they went on to regret with Lecrae writing a song about their pain.

Latest Tweets From Lecrae📲​

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Lecrae’s Music🎼

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