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Leena Xu – All The Secrets

Ten Things that you always wanted to know about the TSM President of Marketing, Leena Xu: Everything that she has ever kept secret from her fans!

Leena Xu Overview

Leena Xu, whose real name is Aileena, became famous thanks to her web series, TSM: Legends. The series involved the lives of Team SoloMid. Leena is the President of Marketing for this series. However, she is a very private person and has never revealed her place of birth, even her birthday and age were originally not disclosed to her fans.

Regardless, Leena lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to her chosen career. She remained single but had a past relationship with Andy Dinh, the CEO of Team SoloMid. They were in a relationship for some time until they broke up. The reason for their split is hidden from the public. However, it is known that it was Andy who influenced her interest in gaming, being a well-known “esportsman”. Leena decided to help him build up his brand, and ended up becoming one of the most well-known faces in the world of esports.


What nationality is Leena Xu?

The nationality of Leena Xu has been kept private. She is a very reserved person. Although it is known that she is of Asian-American heritage, her personal information such as the name of her parents, birthplace, and nationality was kept from the public eye.

How old is Leena Xu?

Leena Xu celebrates her birthday every 17th of April, 1993, making her an Aries. She is 26 years old.

What is Leena Xu’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Leena is around $700,000 that she mostly earned from working at TSM. She earns an average salary of $10 – $15 thousand per month.

Is Leena Xu single or married?

Leena is still unmarried. However, she was in a relationship with Andy Dinh. She didn’t end up walking down the aisle because they separated. The reason behind their break up was kept from the public.

What Does Leena Xu do for a living?

Leena Xu is a producer who created the web series, TSM: Legends. The series is about the lives of Team SoloMid. Though she is declared as the President of the Marketing of the web series, it is believed that she is involved in other works but she refuses to share such information with the public.

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