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Leena Xu – All the Secrets

The secret life of TSM boss, Leena Xu

Leena Xu – Who is she?

Leena Xu, whose real name is Aileena, became famous thanks to her web series, TSM: Legends, which revolved around the fictional lives of Team SoloMid.  Although Leena is the President of Marketing for the series, she is a very private person, never revealing much about her personal life, and even her most ardent fans remain in the dark about much of her story.

Enjoying a glamorously lavish lifestyle, Leena was in a relationship with Andy Dinh, the CEO of Team SoloMid. The couple have remained friends since their split – the reason for which is unknown, and Leena has helped him build a successful brand in the eSports sector. Building TSM into the most valuable international eSports business, Leena is, surely, one of the most powerful women in the industry, if not beyond.


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What nationality is Leena Xu?

The nationality of Leena Xu has been kept private. Although it’s known that she is of Asian-American heritage, her personal information such as the name of her parents, birthplace, and nationality has been kept under wraps.

How old is Leena Xu?

Leena Xu was born on 17th of April, 1993, making her an Aries. She is 28 years old.

Leena Xu with the highly successful TSM_Myth

Leena Xu signed Myth when he had just 600 followers on Twitch, today he has a staggering 7.2 million!


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What is Leena Xu’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Leena is around $700,000, mainly earned from her productions for TSM. She earns an average salary of $10 – $15 thousand per month 🤑😵😎


Is Leena Xu single or married?

Leena is unmarried, however, she was in a relationship with Andy Dinh until their split in late 2019. Now she is dating former LCS pro and TSM streamer, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

Leena Xu proves she’s better at eSports than real ones at Myth’s birthday night out!


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What Does Leena Xu do for a living?

Leena Xu is a producer who created the web series, TSM: Legends. The series is about the lives of the fictional Team SoloMid. Although she is the President of the Marketing for the web series, it is believed that she’s involved in other projects. She refuses to share this information with the public, however.

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