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Get to Know TSM Leena, the Esports Leader of Team SoloMid (TSM) and Ex of Andy Dinh – Aileena Xu

Learn about TSM Leena, aka Aileena Xu, the esports leader of Team SoloMid. Her League of Legends team is the most recognizable brand in the industry. Find out more about her private life.

Who is TSM Leena, aka Aileena Xu?

TSM Leena, also known as the one and only Aileena Xu, is the mastermind behind all esports initiatives for Team SoloMid (TSM). If you’re not familiar with TSM, they’re a professional esports organization in the United States that fields players in a wide range of games, from Apex Legends to Magic: The Gathering Arena. Basically, they’re kind of a big deal.

TSM Leena’s North American team in the League of Legends is so recognizable that it’s practically a household name in the industry. Rumor has it that they even received Series A funding worth a whopping $37 million. That’s a lot of zeros.

Now, while TSM Leena is a total boss when it comes to esports, she’s surprisingly tight-lipped about her personal life. We do know that she used to date Andy Dinh, a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and former professional League of Legends player who also happens to be the founder of TSM. The couple split in the winter of 2019, but Leena still considers ‘Regi’ to be her best friend and confidant. Ah, young love.


Where is TSM Leena from?

TSM Leena was born in America and is a US national.

How old is TSM Leena?

TSM Leena is 30 years old and was born on the 17th April 1993. This makes her an Aries, which might account for her competitive nature, and business acumen.

TSM Leena showing off her new dress

What is TSM Leena’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of TSM Leena is at $700,000. She is earning a salary of $10-$15 thousand from gaming, appearances, and product sales.

Is TSM Leena single or married?

TSM Lee is single after breaking up with Andy Dinh, the founder of TSM. The details behind their break have been kept secret.  As for Andy, he recently posted a picture on his Insta account together with a girl known as vivcandy (Vivian Okereke).

Andy Dinh with vivcandy:


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Exploring Maui with @vivcandy

A post shared by Andy Dinh (@andydinh8) on

What does TSM Leena do for a living?

TSM Leena is currently the President of Marketing at TSM.


TSM Leena’s Photo Album

TSM are building the most expensive gaming facility in the world:


TSM Leena’s Twitter & latest Tweets

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