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Get the Goss on Lisa Robertson

What people are asking about the star of QVC, Lisa Robertson: The truth about why she went into hiding, her stalker, & that death rumor


Lisa Robertson Overview

Lisa Robertson is a television personality, designer, and fashion authority. She is one of the hosts of QVC shopping channel. In 2012, she created and designed the G.I.L.I. Line which includes fashion for shoes, handbags, jewelry, Christmas decors, etc. In addition, she has created her design line while working as a host on QVC.

She attended Southern College in Collegedale and completed a degree in Long Term Health Care Administration. She also won the title of Miss Tennessee 1989.

There’s little information about her early life as she was keen on keeping her personal life private.

What is the nationality of Lisa Robertson?

Lisa Robertson is an American who was born in Collegedale, Tennessee.

How old is Lisa Robertson?

Lisa Robertson is now 54 years old and her star sign is Scorpio. She celebrates her birthday on November 7.

How tall is Lisa Robertson and how much does she weigh?

Lisa Robertson stands 5 feet and 6 inches or 167 cm tall and weighs about 119 pounds or 53 kg.

Is Lisa Robertson married or single?

No. However, Lisa Robertson is currently in a relationship with fitness trainer Eric McGee who is also her trainer. The couple met because McGee’s office was near that of QVC’s and they have been together for almost five years. McGee is 11 years younger than she is.

How much is Lisa Robertson’s net worth?

Lisa Robertson has an estimated net worth of $5 million which she earned for her career as a television host.

Does Lisa Robertson have any children?

None, Lisa Robertson doesn’t have any children as of this day.

What happened to Lisa Robertson from QVC?

Lisa Robertson became reclusive and locked herself inside her home in Pennsylvania because of her stalkers. QVC took out injunctions against four men after these stalkers turned up at her home, accosted other television hosts to meet her, and tailed her. One of her stalkers was Peter Ferreira who was well known for harassing her for more than a decade and was apprehended and jailed. Around the time she left QVC, rumors have gotten around saying that she passed away but it was later revealed that it was someone who shared the same name as hers.

What is Lisa Robertson doing these days?

Lisa Robertson is now running her own fashion line the G.I.L.I Line. She is active online and has accounts on different social media platforms. She also has her own website which she uses to help promote her online fashion line business.

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