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Tracey Needham: From Technical Crew to Hollywood Actress and Producer

Learn about Tracey Needham, the American actress and producer known for her roles in Life Goes On, JAG, and The Division. Discover her journey to success.

Tracey Needham: From Tall Girl to Hollywood Star

Tracey Needham is a Hollywood actress and producer who’s best known for her roles in Life Goes On, JAG, and The Division. But did you know that she started out as a technical crew member because her high school theater director said she was too tall to be on stage? Talk about a tall order!

Growing up, Tracey was always competitive with the guys and loved jumping into football games thanks to her height advantage. After high school, she jetted off to Australia and Europe before finally landing in Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue her acting dreams. She even did some modeling on the side. And guess what? She was discovered by a talent agent at a gas station! Who knew that filling up your tank could lead to stardom?

Thanks to that chance encounter, Tracey landed her first big break on the ABC drama Life Goes On. And the rest, as they say, is history. So if you’re ever feeling down on your luck, just remember that even gas stations can be a source of opportunity. Who knows, you might just be the next Tracey Needham!


What is the nationality of Tracey Needham?

Tracey Needham is an American who was born in Dallas, Texas.

How old is Tracey Needham?

Tracey Needham is now 57 years old and her star sign is Aries.

How tall is Tracey Needham and how much does she weigh?

Tracey Needham stands 5ft 11in 1.8m tall, or and weighs about 143lbs or 65kgs.

Is Tracey Needham married or single?

Yes, Tracey Needham is married to former actor Tommy Hinkley. The couple tied the knot in January 1995.

How much is Tracey Needham’s net worth?

Tracey Needham has an estimated net worth of $4 million which she earned from her acting career.


Does Tracey Needham have any children?

Yes, Tracey Needham and Tommy Hinkley have a daughter named Katie who was born in 1999.

Why did Tracey Needham leave Jag?

Tracey Needham left Jag when the show was canceled by NBC and when CBSD picked the show up, she was replaced by Catherine Bell.

Why did Tracey Needham leave the division?

Tracey Needham was written off The Division after two seasons, according to her former co-star Jon Hamm.

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