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The Unknown Facts About Liza Koshy’s Parents

Get the answers to everything that you ever wanted to know about Liza Koshy’s Parents – Jean Carol Hertzler & Jose Koshy: Their Careers, Marriage and More!

Liza Koshy’s Parents, Jean Carol Hertzler and Jose Koshy

Jean Carol Hertzler and Jose Koshy are the supportive parents of Liza Koshy – YouTuber, actress, TV host, and comedian. Liza first started her career in 2013 on Vine before becoming a YouTuber.

The rest of their family members, including their two other daughters, Rachel and Olivia, keep a very low profile, and there are very few photos of them on Liza’s social media pages. However, Liza brought her father to the 2017 Super Bowl and her mother to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.

We do know, however, that mom, Jean, is a yoga instructor, and Jose is a petroleum executive, and that the family is living in Houston, Texas, while Liza pursues her dreams in Los Angeles, California. It’s also been reported that while they may not see eye to eye with their daughter, they are incredibly proud of Liza’s achievements.

Liza Koshy pictured with her dad


How old are Liza Koshy’s parents?

Jean Carol Hertzler is now 64 years old and her star sign is Sagittarius. While Arian, Jose Koshy, is 67 years old.

Are Liza Koshy’s parents still married or single?

Yes, Jean Carol Hertzler and Jose Koshy are still together. The couple has been married for more than 30 years now.

How much is Liza Koshy’s parents’ net worth?

Jean Carol Hertzler and Jose Koshy’s net worth remains undisclosed. However, Liza Koshy’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Liza Koshy with her mother, Jean


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Where are Liza Koshy’s parents from?

Jean Carol Hertzler is American, while Jose Koshy is of Indian ancestry. They both have American citizenship.

Do Liza Koshy’s parents have any other children?

Yes, Jean Carol Hertzler and Jose Koshy have two other children – Rachel and Olivia. Rachel is the eldest and is now 35 years old and 30 year old Olivia is the middle child. Liza is the youngest of their children.

Liza Koshy (middle) with her two older sisters, Rachel and Olivia

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What do Liza Koshy’s parents do for a living?

Jean Carol Hertzler is a yoga instructor, while Jose Koshy is a petroleum executive and the president of Koshy T and Jolly Joseph, a company based in Missouri City.

What country did Liza Koshy visit with her parents?

Liza Koshy did not travel with her parents; however, she does live with her parents in Texas.

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Liza Koshy with her parents answering 5th grade questions

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