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Who is Lorde’s older boyfriend, Justin Warren?

See who Lorde’s boyfriend is! Justin Warren, 11 years her senior, is the man who holds her heart. Learn more about their relationship and how it inspired her latest single, Solar Power.

Who is Lorde’s beau?

Lorde, the Grammy-winning songstress, has been named one of Time Magazine’s most influential young women under 30. And who’s the lucky guy who’s captured her heart? None other than Justin Warren, who’s a whopping 11 years older than her. After Lorde’s previous romance fizzled out, she and Warren were spotted canoodling not only in the US but also in her homeland of New Zealand. And rumor has it that her latest hit single, Solar Power, is all about her love for Warren, according to her adoring fans.


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What else do we know about Lorde’s boyfriend?

Justin Warren acts as Universal Music’s promotion director, who has worked with numerous celebs including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Eminem. Lorde and Warren have been seen together since 2016, and although the pair denied any romance, after Lorde split with boyfriend, James Lowe in 2018, she and Warren seemed closer than ever. Being papped whilst buying home furnishings could suggest to those of a suspicious mind that they are living together in Lorde’s Aukland home, which cost her a whopping $2.6 mill.


Where is Lorde’s boyfriend from?

Justin Warren is American, but lives and works in New Zealand. His birthplace hasn’t been released, and the music exec is quite private about his personal deets.

How tall is Justin Warren and how much does he weigh?

Justin Warren stands 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm, and weighs around 140 pounds or 63 kgs. Both these stats are guestimates based on the few photos we have of the man.

Is Justin Warren married to Lorde?

Although there are rumors that Warren and Lorde are engaged, they are still just dating. Warren himself has fuelled those rumors by sporting a plain silver ring on his engagement finger, and recently Lorde has been spotted with a diamond ring worn on the same finger! What do they expect us to think?!

We think this was a joke, folks

Lorde’s single Solar Power rumored to be about Warren:


What is Justin Warren’s net worth?

There are no known records of Justin Warren’s net worth. We’re pretty certain that generous Lorde will be sharing her accumulated wealth of around $9 million with him, however.

How old is Lorde’s boyfriend?

Justin Warren is 11 years older than Lorde, and as she is currently 27, he must be  39 years of age.



Hungry for the latest news about Lorde and her boyfriend?

If you’re after more hot gossip, or to contact Lorde and Justin Warren, ask us here and we’ll get you the answers.


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