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Marie Osmond’s Daughter: Jessica Marie Blosil’s Life Story

Read about Jessica Marie Blosil, the daughter of Marie Osmond, and how her family’s background has become public knowledge. Get the latest updates here.

Jessica Marie Blosil, Marie Osmond’s Daughter

It’s no secret that celebrity parents love to spill the tea on their personal lives and family backgrounds. Marie Osmond, the country music queen who made “Paper Roses” a hit, is no exception. Her constant updates on social media and the media’s interest in her not-so-private life make it easy for us to keep up with her shenanigans.

And speaking of family, have you met Marie’s daughter, Jessica Marie Blosil? If not, click here to get the scoop on this Osmond offspring. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

Marie Osmond’s version of Paper Roses

The media has closely followed her life throughout the years, and have been the sources of information on her marriages, children, as well as the adoption of five children, the eldest of which is Jessica Marie Blosil.

Despite living a much more private life than her mother, Jessica Marie Blosil became the talk of the town after coming out as a lesbian in April 2009. Two months later, she became legally married to her longtime partner Sara, an announcement revealed by her mother on Instagram.

Despite speculations that she opposed her daughter’s sexual orientation due to Osmond’s Mormon faith, she has expressed public support for her daughter both in interviews and on social media.


Who is Marie Osmond’s gay daughter?

Marie Osmond’s eldest daughter, Jessica Marie, came out as gay on April 29, 2009. She has also revealed that she had been living with her partner and now wife, Sara.

Marie Osmond congratulates her daughter on her marriage

How does Marie Osmond feel about daughter Jessica?

After confirming on a radio interview that her daughter Jessica came out as a lesbian, Marie Osmond was very vocal in supporting her daughter. She elaborated by saying that marriage and civil rights “need to be for all”.

She also dispelled rumors that she disapproved of same-sex union and her daughter’s sexual orientation, with some claiming that she even refuses to show public support for it. She simply stated that it isn’t a sensitive topic and that she loves her daughter. She is one of the few celebrities who were raised Mormon, but she explained that her daughter understands her beliefs and continues to show support for her.

Who is Marie Osmond’s daughter married to?

Jessica Marie Blosil is currently married to her longtime partner, Sara. In an Instagram post shared by her mother, their union became legally recognized in June 2019.

How old is Marie Osmond’s daughter?

Born on December 17, 1987, Jessica Marie Blosil is now 36 years old.

What does Marie Osmond’s daughter look like?

In most of her mother’s Instagram posts, Jessica Marie Blosil has often been seen sporting colored hair in a faux hawk fade style, as well as a black nose ring and a pair of tunnel earrings.

Marie Osmond’s daughter

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