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Mike Myers – Spilling the beans on the International Man of Mystery

Mike Myers Overview

With the iconic pinkie finger on the side lip, Mike Myers will be best remembered for his portrayal of Austin Powers in the world-famous spy comedy film saga Austin Powers. From starting as a young talent in 1989 in the comedy show Saturday Night Live, SNL, Mike Myers has come a long way. Together with his success in Austin Powers, of course, he was every bit as successful as the voice behind Shrek in the animated comedy film saga Shrek. These days, Mike Myers is happy as a filmmaker, producer, and director, and recently starred in the incredible Bohemian Rhapsody.


Check out Mike Myers’ cameo in the Britney Spears music video Boys!


What happened to Mike Myers?

Fortune and fame are what happened to Mike Myers. He started his career at Saturday Night Live or SNL. His first stint in stardom came with his role as Wayne in Wayne’s World, which actually started in SNL and which was eventually made into a movie. He has directed a number of documentary films and has used his time to write. Recently, he published a book about Canada, his beloved country.

Where is Mike Myers?

Mike Myers is from Canada; these days, there’s news to confirm that he lives in Tribeca in New York City.

What is Mike Myers doing now?

Mike Myers has pursued his interests and talents to the fullest. Being a comedian and band member, he has been in many shows and festivals that have taken him to his home country in Canada, London, and of course, the United States. He does documentaries and has been reported to be producing and starring in a Netflix comedy show.

What is the nationality of Mike Myers?

Mike Myers was born in Ontario in Canada. However, his parents were actually from Liverpool in London. His family have spent their lives in Canada.


How tall is Mike Myers and how much does he weigh?

Of course, the famous Mini-me himself isn’t really a minute man. Mike Myers stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. He weighs around 165 pounds.

Is Mike Myers married or single?

Mike Myers has been married twice. The first was with Robin Ruzan who Mike Myers met at a hockey game. After the couple’s divorce in 2006, Mike Myers would find love anew, and this time, with Kelly Tisdale, who also works in the entertainment industry as a scenic artist.

Mike Myers talking to Jimmy Kimmell about his devastation at Verne Troyer’s death


How much is Mike Myers’s net worth?

It is believed that Mike Myers has a net worth of $175 million or more. The commercial successes of many of his projects and performances have earned him his astronomical fortune.

How many kids does Mike Myers have?

Mike Myers has three children with his second wife Kelly. Their names are Spike, Paulina, and Sunday Molly. His son was born in 2011.

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