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Who are Miranda Lambert’s Husband and Ex?

Get the gossip on Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin & her ex, Blake Shelton: Their very different careers, and so much more!


Miranda Lambert is a singer and songwriter who recently-married New York City Police Department Officer Brendan McLoughlin. However, before her marriage to McLoughlin, she was first married to singer Blake Shelton on May 14, 2011.

Blake Shelton is an American country singer and television personality. He first debuted with his single “Austin” that was number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for five weeks. In 2001, Blake signed to Giant Records who first released “Austin” as the debut single of Blake. Later on, Blake transferred to Warner Bros. Records. Shelton is the recipient of a multitude of awards for his music. He was also a coach on The Voice and has recently released a song that has received mixed reviews called “Hell Right” with friend Trace Adkins.

Brendan McLoughlin meanwhile is the current husband of Miranda Lambert. He is a police officer. He was later honored by the NYPD through their Twitter page. He also ranked first in the Sgt. Keith A. Ferguson Memorial 5K run at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. He is on the promotion list after passing the sergeant’s exam in 2017.


Who was Miranda Lambert’s first husband?

The first husband of Miranda Lambert is singer Blake Shelton.

Are Blake Shelton and Brendan Mcloughlin married or divorced?

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced in July 2015. Brendan McLoughlin is currently married to Miranda Lambert. Blake Shelton is dating Gwen Stefani but the two are not confirmed to be married yet.

What are the nationalities Of Blake Shelton and Brendan Mcloughlin?

Blake Shelton and Brendan McLoughlin are both Americans.

How old are Blake Shelton and Brendan Mcloughlin?

Brendan McLoughlin was born in 1991. He is 32 years old.

Singer Blake Shelton was born on June 18, 1976. He is 46 years old.

How tall are Blake Shelton and Brendan Mcloughlin and how much do they weigh?

Blake Shelton is 6ft4, or 196cm tall, and weighs 96kgs, or 212lbs. As for Brendan Mcloughlin, he stands at 5ft11 or 155cm but his weight is unknown.


How much are Blake Shelton and Brendan Mcloughlin Net Worths?

The estimated net worth of Blake Shelton from being a successful singer and TV personality is $60 million. As for Brendan McLoughlin, his net worth was not revealed but he receives a yearly salary as a police officer at $68,261.

Do Blake Shelton and Brendan Mcloughlin have any children?

Blake Shelton doesn’t have kids of his own. Though Brendan and Miranda Lambert is yet to have a baby of their own, Brendan has a son with former girlfriend Kaihla Rettinger.

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