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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband: Paul Pelosi Sr. – Businessman, Venture Capitalist, and Owner of Financial Leasing Services Inc.

Learn about Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi Sr., a businessman and venture capitalist who founded Financial Leasing Services and purchased a UFL franchise.

Meet Nancy Pelosi’s Better Half

You may know Nancy Pelosi as the badass politician who served as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives in 2007-2011 and 2019. But did you know she’s also married to a business tycoon? Meet Paul Francis Pelosi Sr., the man behind Financial Leasing Services, Inc., a consulting firm and real estate and venture capital investment.

Paul is no slouch himself. He earned his degree in Foreign Service at Georgetown University and went on to get his MBA at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He even studied at Harvard University’s Business School. Since 2009, he’s been the chair of the Foreign Service Board at Georgetown. Impressive, right?

But that’s not all. Paul is also the founder and CEO of Financial Leasing Services, a venture capital firm. And in 2009, he made headlines when he dropped a cool $16 million to purchase a franchise in the United Football League. The team was originally called The California Redwoods, but later moved to Sacramento and became the Sacramento Mountain Lions. Sadly, the UFL abruptly folded in the middle of the 2012 season due to financial problems, leaving Paul’s team in the dust.

Wrapping up the story. Nancy Pelosi’s better half is a business-savvy, football-loving, Georgetown-chaired, Harvard-educated, MBA-holding, venture capital mastermind. Talk about a power couple!


What is the net worth of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi has a personal net worth amounting to $16 million while her husband Paul Pelosi, who is a businessman, has an estimated net worth of $120 million.

Is Paul Pelosi married or divorced?

Paul and Nancy Pelosi have been married since 1963.

How much is Paul Pelosi’s net worth?

Paul Pelosi has an amazing net worth of $120 million. He sits on philanthropic and corporate boards for famous companies like Disney, Apple, Facebook, and Comcast. Paul and Nancy, additionally, have a couple of homes in California. Their real estate portfolio is worth $25 million.

What is the nationality of Paul Pelosi?

Paul Pelosi was born in San Francisco, California. He is an American.

How old is Paul Pelosi?

The successful American businessman was born on April 15, 1940. He is 83 years old.


How tall is Paul Pelosi and how much does he weigh?

Paul Pelosi’s height and weight are unknown.

Does Paul Pelosi have any children?

Paul Pelosi has 5 children with his wife Nancy.

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