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Naomi Scott’s Parents – Chris and Usha Scott

Chris and Usha Scott – The Parents Of Naomi Scott

English actress and singer Naomi Grace Scott became known for her role in Disney’s musical fantasy film, Aladdin where she played the role of Princess Jasmine. Naomi has two people supporting her successes – parents Chris and Usha Scott.

Chris and Usha Scott are both pastors at The Bridge Church in Woodford, London, and live nearby in Hounslow. Usha Scott was born in Uganda, of Indian descent, but immigrated to England at a very young age, and Chris is a British national. Naomi is proud of her heritage and often mentions her Indian roots on Instagram.

The Church that Chris and Usha are serving is described as “a community of ordinary people who have found peace, joy, and purpose in an extraordinary God.” According to Naomi, though her parents are both pastors, they are not strict compared to most and gave her the space to discover her own path.

The couple made sure that their children participate in outreach work, and Naomi started singing as one of the members of Bridge Church Youth Band. Later on, she was discovered by British pop singer Kelle Bryan.


Where were Naomi Scott’s parents born?

Chris, the father of Naomi is British and her mother Usha is an Indian.

Naomi Scott with her cousin as kids


What is the net worth of Naomi Scott’s parents?

The parents of Naomi share her net worth, which stands at approximately $3 million.

Are Naomi Scott’s parents still together?

Chris and Usha Scott are married and have 2 kids, Naomi and Josh.

What do Naomi Scott’s parents do?

Both of Naomi’s parents are pastors at The Bridge Church, Woodford, in East London.

Chris and Usha Scott great snapshots

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