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Tiger Woods Parents, Kultida and Earl Woods

Get the lowdown on the parents of the pro-golfer Tiger Woods, Kultida and Earl Woods: Their Incredible Careers, Nationalities and Much More

Kultida Woods and Earl Woods Overview – Tiger Woods Parents

Eldrick Tont Woods, better known as Tiger, is an American professional golfer, said to be the greatest of all time. His proud parents are Kultida (also known as ‘Tida’) and Earl Woods.

Earl Dennison Woods was a US Army infantry officer and retiring as lieutenant colonel, after serving in two tours of Vietnam In college, he was a baseball player and a writer. Earl was the one who taught his son Tiger to play golf at a very young age, coaching him through his first years in the sport. He wrote that at the young age of 11, his son first defeated him in a game of golf and from then on, he lost every time. Earl sadly died in May of 2006 after suffering a major cardiac arrest.

Kultida Woods is the mother of Tiger Woods. She met Earl when he was stationed in Thailand in 1966, and is a quarter Dutch, half Thai and quarter Chinese. She is mostly involved in the philanthropic activities of the Tiger Woods Foundation in the US. She was also the secretary for the United States army, positioned in Bangkok.


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Who Are Tiger Woods Parents?

The parents of legendary golfer Tiger are Earl and Kultida Woods.

What Nationality Are Kultida Woods and Earl Woods?

Kultida Woods is Thai and her husband Earl Woods was an American.

How Old Are Kultida Woods and Earl Woods?

Kultida was born in Kanchanaburi, Thailand on September 30, 1946. She is now 76 years old. Earl Woods was born on March 5, 1932. He died at the age of 74 in Cypress, California from a heart attack.

What Are Kultida Woods and Earl Woods Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Kultida Woods is around $800,000 while her husband had an estimated net worth of $11 million.


Are Kultida Woods and Earl Woods Married or Divorced?

Kultida and Earl married in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York.

Do Kultida Woods and Earl Woods have any other children?

Kultida and Earl did not have any other children together, however Earl has three children from his first marriage, two boys and a girl named Earl Jr, Kevin and Royce.

What Do Kultida Woods and Earl Woods Do for a Living?

Earl Woods was a retired US Army Infantry officer, while Kultida was a banker and secretary for the United States army in Bangkok, and is now involved with the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Where Are Tiger Woods Parents From?

His mother, Kultida, came from Thailand and his father, Earl, was born in Manhattan, Kansas.

Is Tiger Woods’ mom, Filipino?

No. Tiger Woods’ mother was born in Thailand but stayed in America most of her life.

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