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Nate Diaz: UFC’s Bonus King & Top 10 Welterweight Contender

Read about Nate Diaz, the UFC fighter with the most bonus awards in history. Brother of Nick Diaz, he’s a top welterweight contender and PPV record holder.

Nate Diaz: The MMA Fighter You Don’t Want to Mess With

Nathan Donald Diaz is a force to be reckoned with in the world of mixed martial arts. He’s currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is the brother of former Strikeforce and WEC Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz. Nate has competed in Strikeforce, Pancrase, and World Extreme Cagefighting, but it was his win on The Ultimate Fighter 5 series that got him signed by the UFC.

Nate Diaz is a UFC bonus award magnet, tied with Joe Lauzon for the most awards at a whopping 15. That’s a lot of prize money from the UFC! His fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 was once the highest pay-per-view rate in the UFC (until UFC 229, which also featured Conor McGregor). As of January 2020, he’s ranked number 9 in the welterweight contender list.

So, if you ever find yourself in the octagon with Nate Diaz, just remember: you were warned.


How Old Is Nate Diaz?

Nate Diaz is 38 years old. He was born on April 16, 1985. His star sign is Taurus.

How Much Did Nate Diaz Make in UFC 202

Reports estimate his earnings for UFC 202 at $13 Million. His opponent, Conor McGregor, was said to have bagged $15 Million from the fight.

How Tall Is Nate Diaz?

Nate Diaz is 6 feet tall.

What Nationality Is Nate Diaz?

Nate Diaz is of American nationality.

How Much Does He Weigh?

Nate Diaz weighs 77 kg.


What Is Nate Diaz’s Net Worth?

As of 2019, Nate Diaz has an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

What Is Nate Diaz Most Famous for?

Aside from his skills in mixed martial arts, Nate Diaz has a reputation as a troublemaker. He is known to have started a few brawls with other UFC fighters. He also competes in triathlons to boost his endurance in the cage.

Is Nate Diaz Married or Single?

Nate Diaz is currently not officially married. However, he does have a girlfriend with whom he has a daughter.

Does Nate Diaz Have His Own Children?

Yes. In June 2018, Nate Diaz announced that his girlfriend has given birth to their daughter.

Who Is Nate Diaz’s Partner?

Nate Diaz’s long-term girlfriend is Misty Brown. They recently had a daughter for the first time.

Are There Other Famous Celebrities Related to Nate Diaz?

Yes. His older brother, Nick Diaz, is also a UFC mixed martial arts fighter. Nick Diaz has been suspended from the UFC, though, but it is believed that he will make a comeback in 2020.

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