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Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom – Parents of Nipsey Hussle, the late American rapper, activist, and entrepreneur.

Learn about Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom, parents of the late American rapper Nipsey Hussle. Discover their story and legacy.

Meet Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom – The Proud Parents of Nipsey Hussle

Let’s talk about the amazing parents of the one and only Ermias Joseph Asghedom, aka Nipsey Hussle. Born on August 15, 1985, in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Los Angeles, Nipsey was the third child of Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom. The couple also had two other children, Samiel and Samantha.

Unfortunately, Nipsey’s life was cut short when he was fatally shot on March 31, 2019, at the young age of 33. It was a tragedy that shook the world.

Dawit, who fled war in Eritrea to come to the United States, believes that his son was a messenger sent by God to spread a message of hope and positivity. And with a name like Nipsey, which means “God will Rise,” it’s hard not to believe that he was destined for greatness.

Angelique, on the other hand, was understandably devastated by the loss of her son. Together with her other children, Samiel and Samantha, she fought a long legal battle to gain guardianship of Nipsey’s daughter, ensuring that his legacy would live on.

It’s clear that Nipsey came from a family of strong, resilient, and loving individuals who will continue to honor his memory for years to come.


What Nationality are Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom?

Angelique Smith is an African and Dawit Asghedom is an Eritrean.

How Old Are Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom and How Much Do They Weigh?

Dawit is 68 years old as he was born in 1952. Angelique’s age has not been revealed to the public.

What Are Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom ’s Net Worth?

Dawit’s net worth is approximately $250,000 – $499,999, while Angelique’s is around $5 million.

Are Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom Married or Divorced?

Angelique and Dawit married on an undisclosed date. However, it was revealed that the couple got divorced in 1987.

What Do Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom Do for a Living?

Angelique is a single mother, but her career and profession remain unknown to the public. Dawit’s profession is also unknown.


What Ethnicity Are Nipsey Hussle Parents?

Nipsey’s mother is an African-American while his father is an Eritrean immigrant.

Who Are Nipsey Hussle Parents?

Nipsey Hussle’s parents are Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom.

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