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Renee Felice Smith: From Temporary Role to Main Cast in NCIS LA – Actress, Producer, and Environmental Activist with a Passion for Acting.

Uncover the life of Renee Felice Smith, the talented actress and producer known for her role in NCIS Los Angeles. Follow her on social media for updates on her career and personal life.

Renee Felice Smith: From Temporary Role to Main Cast Member

Renee Felice Smith is the brains behind the beauty of Nell Jones in NCIS Los Angeles. Initially, her role as the main intelligence analyst was supposed to be temporary, but her acting skills were so impressive that she was promoted to the main cast. Renee is not just an actress, but also a producer, and she has been in the TV industry since she was six years old. She completed her education in New York, attending Patchogue-Medford High School on Long Island and Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Renee’s TV career skyrocketed between 2008 to 2010, and she was given roles in shows such as The Wyoming Story and Detachment, as well as movies like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Code Academy. She’s obviously a hard worker, as during this whole period she was still appearing regularly in NCIS, and continued to do so until she left in 2020.

Renee Felice Smith is not just a talented actress, but also a social media star with 149K followers on Instagram and 91.4K followers on Twitter. She frequently shares updates about her personal life, including pictures with her dog and posts about environmental activism. She has been featured in various interviews and podcasts, where she has discussed her career and personal life. With her wit and charm, Renee is definitely one to watch in the entertainment industry.

Renee talks about leaving the cult show:


Why does Renee Felice Smith only wear skirts?

While Renee has never given a reason for always wearing skirts, the look has become a staple for her. In all of her photos and videos, she shows off her gorgeous collection of outfits, so much so, that she’s become something of a fashion icon. From time to time, she wears a hat and often pairs it with long-sleeved blouses. Although people speculate that she has tattoos under her sleeves, there have been no actual reports to confirm such. With her height and excellent fashion sense, Renee looks as young as ever.

Renee sometimes swaps skirts for the latest elf style 😂😎😍


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What are Renee Felice Smith’s height and weight?

Renee stands 5 feet 1 inch and weighs around 115 pounds.

What is the net worth of Renee Felice Smith?

With most of her success coming from television, Renee’s net worth stands at around $4 million.

Who is Renee Felice Smith dating?

Although there are no reports to confirm that Renee is married, we do know that she is in a romantic relationship with the filmmaker, Christopher Gabriel. The two were together during the filming of The Relationship, which they co-directed.

How many kids does Renee Felice Smith have?

To date, there has been nothing to say that Renee has children.


How old is Renee Felice Smith? 

Born in 1985, Renee Felice Smith is 38 years old.

Renee and hubby, Christopher at the beautiful Emerald Bay Lookout


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are we starting to look alike? I feel like we are starting to look alike.

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