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Shayna Taylor: The Woman Who Stole Ryan Seacrest’s Heart

Know about Shayna Taylor, the former girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest. They shared a love for traveling and fitness, but eventually broke up in 2017.

Shayna Taylor: The Woman Who Stole Ryan Seacrest’s Heart

Ryan Seacrest, the man who made “Seacrest out” a catchphrase, is a household name. He’s hosted everything from the reality TV singing competition American Idol to top-hit songs for Billboard. This handsome host has made quite a good living from his hosting career. Although he’s still a bachelor as we speak, there was once a time when his heart belonged to someone, and this someone was Shayna Taylor.

The one thing that Shayna and Ryan shared fondly as a couple was their love for traveling. For the years that they were together, they called each other best friends as they traveled the world happy and in love. Shayna was a model and fitness enthusiast. During the years that they were together, they shared happy times as they had similar interests. For a time, they lived happily in New York.

With all the good things that happened to them, people anticipated that the two would end up together. However, it seemed that Ryan was not yet ready to take the plunge and get married. This led to their eventual break-up in 2017. Looks like Ryan’s heart is still up for grabs, ladies!

Ryan Seacrest wishing Shayna Happy Valentines



Celebrity Name

Ryan Seacrest’s former girlfriend’s complete name is Shayna Terese Taylor.

How many kids does Shayna Taylor have?

Shayna Taylor does not have any children.

What is the height and weight of Shayna Taylor?

She stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Being a fitness enthusiast, she has kept a good figure and weighs less than 120 pounds.

Is Shayna Taylor married or single?

Shayna Taylor is single.

Shayna Taylor is relaxing with her dog



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Where was Shayna Taylor born?

Born in New Mexico in the United States, Shayna Taylor is an American.


How much is Shayna Taylor’s net worth?

Shayna Taylor has a net worth of 300,000 USD. She earned this from her work as a fitness guru and chef. It is a well-known fact that Ryan is one of the most hardworking personalities in Hollywood. He has a net worth of 300 million USD.

Shayna Taylor teaching how to make her DETOX Smoothie Recipe

Who is Ryan Seacrest’s former girlfriend?  

Ryan Seacrest’s former girlfriend is Shayna Taylor. She is a model, a well-known fitness enthusiast and trainer, and a beauty expert and consultant. Her two Instagram accounts have a huge following of more than 100,000 followers. This is where she shares not only her fitness and culinary photos but also her wellness and beauty tips and expertise. Also, as a chef, she has quite a good following. Her culinary page on Instagram that goes by the name is a testament to her being an excellent and well-trained chef. After all, she has a degree in the culinary arts at the Art Institute Culinary School. Most of the delights she makes are healthy and organic.

In a way, it could be said that when the two were together, they simply enjoyed life and took pride in contributing their expertise and talents to the world.

How old is Ryan Seacrest’s ex-girlfriend?

Many people thought that she was only in her 20’s when she and Ryan dated. However, her actual date of birth is March 24, 1976. This means that she is 47 years old. Ryan, on the other hand, was born on December 24, 1974. This means that he is 49 years old, only two years older than Shayna.

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